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Lampa Cultural and Interpretive Center

Lampa Cultural and Interpretive Center

2020 TEAM20 Architecture & Urban Planning Competition


TEAM20 First Place Award

Designer : Christian Verde / Carlo Gonzales

Advisor : Ricardo Huanqui Abeo / Carmen Rivas

School : University of Lima

Rumi Llanqha refers to the stones in the pink city, this natural and significant element like the Tinajani stone forest that surrounds Lampa with its voluminous monumentality. Being now represented as the main design strategy, this time shielding the historic center of Lampa from contemporary constructions that damage its historical composition. It is from there the importance of the empty terrain that is between a historical and a contemporary fabric. Having a possibility for the project to be an edge for the contemporary fabric and on the side of the historic center to generate an architectural silence; with the continuity of the lapeño atmosphere, this through the spaces of the project, for which the genetics of the mansions, of the street, the route of the tombs and the monumental buildings of Lampa were used as compositional factors.

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