Urban Creeks as Ludic and Educational Scenario: The public space conception starting from the imaginary of children of the Amazon city.

2020 TEAM20 Architecture & Urban Planning Competition


TEAM20 First Place Award

Designer : Rosa de Fatima Constanza Garcia Sobrevilla

Advisor : Augusto Roman, Susana Lopez, Cesar Tarazona, Martin Montañez

School : Pontifical Catholic University of Peru/ Architecture Department/ Architecture and Urbanism Faculty

Iquitos is the main city of Peruvian Amazon, and also a city of children: More than 50% of its people is under 15. Many, live in the informal city periphery: the most vulnerable sector but also the most connected to nature through urban creeks. They embrace seasonal changes like floods,creating adaptive architecture and urban elements, and children create informal multisensory play scenarios in contact with nature.

The project studies this adaptive behavior and reinterprets it into landscape and architecture strategies for designing a system of ludic public spaces for children in creeks along the Amazon City. The “Ricardo Palma” creek, taken as model is surrounded by 6 schools, the park aims to function as an outside classroom and a multisensorial playground, reassessing traditional constructive techniques and community understanding of place through a participative design methodology, so architecture works as a tool for experiencing all learn and play opportunities that creeks offer.