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"Quebrada Verde" Community Educational Institute

"Quebrada Verde" Community Educational Institute

2020 TEAM20 Architecture & Urban Planning Competition


TEAM20 Popularity Award

Designer : Daniela Garcia Castillo

Advisor : Jaime Juscamaita

School : Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)

The project seeks to reconfigure traditional circulation and learning spaces, taking advantage of its implantation in a rugged topography, as an opportunity to develop an architectural solution of insertion into this type of recurrent conditions in Peru, while it generates new spacial opportunities outside the conventional ones. Conceptually, the project is generated from the abstraction of dynamics of spontaneous urban occupation and the massive ecosystems of hills. Which results as a starting point for the reinterpretation of it as a “Walkable Ravine”, that reconfigure the central space and traditional circulations into “learning streets” in favor of new pedagogical needs. In this way, the project´s streets are perceived as a point of coexistence between urban and natural ecosystems; and pedagogical and contemporary architecture, through a symbiotic relation in which architecture is nourished by the place while the project articulates contextual, educational and identity aspects.

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