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Brick  Cave

H&P Architects

Brick Cave 位於歷經過劇烈都市化的河內郊區,建築概念是希望以砌磚方式構築出與自然環境相似的建物。

The house is located in a suburban commune of Hanoi which has undergone a rapid process of urbanization. It is designed in a philosophy that it will help shape a place similar to the natural environment in an artificial manner.

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The proposed structure of the house resembles that of a Cave. The overall structure is made up of and enclosed by two layers of brick wall meeting one another at an intersection, with alternate ‘green’ arrangements of plants and vegetables. Bricks have long been a familiar local material and widely used in rural areas of Vietnam with a simple manual construction method.

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兩層的牆面是用來過濾並消除環境缺點,像是西曬,灰塵,噪音等,希望帶入自然元素 (光,雨,風) 進入室內。外牆是以不同的對角線向內傾斜,為當地的地景創造出更佳的視野。此設計同時也可以讓屋內不同角落的人利用影子與空氣的變化,感受時間與天氣的推移變遷。

The two built-in layers of wall function as a filter to eliminate the adverse aspects of the external environment (sunshine from the west, dust, noise) and bring nature (light, rain, wind) to where necessary inside. Above the outer wall is tilted inward in different diagonals to create better viewing angles for the general landscape of the area. This, at the same time, helps users in various corners inside the house sense Time and Weather through shadow and air.

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Brick Cave 涵蓋了一串互相連接的空間,伴隨磚牆的縫隙呈現出由開放(共同)空間過渡到室內 (私人) 空間的感受。這樣的設計創造出人與環境的無限可能,也模糊了「開放」與「封閉」,「住屋」與「街道」還有人與自然的界線。

Brick Cave encompasses a chain of space interconnected one another with random apertures gradually shifting from openness/publicity to closeness/privacy and vice versa. The combination of “close” and “open” creates diverse relations with the surroundings and thus helps blur the boundaries between in and out, houses and streets / alleys, Human and Nature.

(c) Nguyen Tien Thanh  (9).jpg

Brick Cave 運用不同的意象,從院子的一隅,寬闊的天空,花園的一景到巷弄的一瞥,讓住戶同時感受到熟悉亦陌生的情感流動。在越南北部的典型季風氣候中,這些空間也提供住戶更多使用的可能性。這些設計讓 Brick Cave 的住戶得以置身在這個廣大的開放空間,與自然和諧共存,真正體會到一個有趣愉悅的居住經驗。

Brick Cave reminds its users of emotional pieces of both strangeness and familiarity by offering them images of corners of a yard, expanses of the sky, strips of a garden, and parts of an alley… which is tentative to uses of space at different times in a typical tropical monsoon climate of the North of Vietnam. This, therefore, truly brings to users an interesting and enjoyable experience as they are accommodated in a sense of a large open space harmonized with a comfort of a safe shelter.

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Project Information

Project Name: Brick Cave

Location: Bieu Khe Hamlet, Thuy Lam Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Architect Office: H&P Architects(

Lead Architects: Doan Thanh Ha,  Tran Ngoc Phuong

Design Team: Nguyen Hai Hue, Trinh Thi Thanh Huyen, Ho Manh Cuong, Nguyen Duc Anh, Tran Van Duong

Completion Year: 2017 年 12 月

Area: 175 m²

Photographer: Nguyen Tien Thanh

Manufacturers: Viglacera

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H&P Architects Founder

2019 Barbara Cappochin International Architecture Prize, Italy

2019 INDE. Award, Australia

2019 FuturArc Green Leadership Award, Singapore

2019 Archdaily Building of the Year Award

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