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H&P Architects (HPA) Founder




H&P Architects (HPA) was founded in 2009 and Doan Thanh Ha is the one having worked on social aspects of HPA and also led newly founded companies in undertaking challenging projects for poor and disadvantaged communities in Vietnam. In the spirit that Architects for the poor, HPA’s social projects have been formulated in the viewpoint of creating spaces (as called “Essential Spaces” by Ha) in order to meet the most fundamental needs (physiological needs; safety needs; belonging needs) of the poor constrained by both conditions and opportunities. “Esssentialspaces” is made of “practical materials” (Proper: cheap, locally available, recycled materials) with appropriate construction technology (traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology, subject to specific contexts) and participated by users from the commencement to the completion of projects. The approach is thereby expected to contribute to education, give inspiration and orient people to necessary actions - responsible for society and communities and friendly with culture and environment.

Ha’s “Essential spaces” are diverse in sizes from meeting an individual’s fundamental needs to a household and more broadly a population segment. Places of construction range from vulnerable people in natural disaster-hit areas to poor ethnic minorities in mountainous areas and also disadvantaged communities in urban and rural areas. The projects fall in 3 categories: Modular house, Education – Health and Open community space.

In addition, in the context of increasingly stuffy urbanization, Ha has also developed an“Agritecture: Architecture + Agriculture” approach and accessed to “Architecture: a nature-like environment in an artificial manner” with the use of available, friendly materials in localities.


2019  Barbara Cappochin International Architecture Prize, Italy

2019  INDE. Award, Australia

2019  FuturArc Green Leadership Award, Singapore

2019  Archdaily Building of the Year Award

2019-2018  National Architectural Award, Vietnam

2018  Ashui Architect of the Year Award, Vietnam

2018  WAN House of the Year, UK

2018  2A Asia Architecture Award, Spain

2018  Red Dot Award, Singapore

2018  International Architecture Awards, US

2018  Architizer A+ Awards, US

2018  INDE. Award, Singapore

2018  FuturArc Green Leadership Award, Singapore

2018-2017  National Green Architectural Awards, Vietnam

2017  2A Asia Architecture Award, Germany

2017  The American Architecture Prize, US

2017  Baku International Architecture Award, Azerbaijan

2017  UIA Friendly and Inclusive Spaces Awards

2017  ARCASIA Awards for Architecture, India

2017  Architizer A+ Awards, US

2017  German Design Award, Germany

2017-2016  National Architectural Award, Vietnam

2016  ARCASIA Awards for Architecture, Hong Kong

2016  2A Asia Architecture Award, Austria

2016  International Architecture Awards, US

2016  Green Good Design Awards, US

2016  R+D Awards, US

2016  FuturArc Green Leadership Award, Singapore

2016  Architizer A+ Awards, US

2015  ARCASIA Awards for Architecture, Thailand

2015  2A Asia Architecture Award, Turkey

2015  Barbara Cappochin Award, Best work, Italy

2015  Restaurant & Bar Design Award, UK

2015  LEAF Awards, UK

2015  AZ Awards, Canada

2015  Green Good Design Awards, US

2015  WAN 21 for 21 Award, UK

2014  WAN Small Space Awards, UK

2014  WAN Commercial Award, UK

2014  WAN House of the Year, UK

2014  International Architecture Awards, US

2014  AR House Award, UK

2014-2013  National Green Architectural Awards, Vietnam

2010  FuturArc Prize, Singapore

2009  Autodesk Special Prize, US

2009  FuturArc Prize, Singapore

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