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Wall House

Abin Design

At a busy intersection in Bansberia were three adjacent plots that one gentleman had procured over time. Visiting the Pool House and House of Sweeping Shadows encouraged him to approach ADS for his private residence. The client's prime requirement was that of a 12-foot tall boundary wall for ensuring privacy and security.

在班斯伯利亞一個繁忙的十字路口,有一位紳士隨著時間的推移購買了三塊相鄰的地塊。 看了「Pool House」和「House of Sweeping Shadows」二個案子後堅定讓他找上本事務為他的私人住宅設計建造。 客戶的主要要求是一堵 12 英尺高的邊界牆,以確保隱私和安全。

The main requirement of the client was for a secure and noise-free home. After due analysis of the corner plot for Wall House, it was observed that Building a wall along the junction’s corner posed as an obstuction towards perceiving oncoming traffic on either of the roads and would prove disastrous for this collision-prone junction. Reluctant to give up the idea of a tall boundary wall, it took Abin a period to six months to reason with and convince the client to appreciate the difficulty of the situation. 

客戶的主要要求是一個安全和無噪音的家。 在對 Wall House 的拐角地塊進行了適當分析後,觀察到沿路口拐角處建造一堵牆會阻礙警覺任何一條道路上迎面而來的車輛,並且對於這個容易發生碰撞的路口來說將是災難性的。 不願放棄高高的邊界牆的想法,Abin花了六個月的時間與客戶進行推理並說服客戶理解這種情況的困難。

It was finally agreed upon for the wall to be taken into the plot at the corner to provide an extension to the sidewalk and enable clear sight lines around the turn. The space outside the wall was landscaped with low-height shrubbery as a vibrant enhancement of the pavement.

最終同意將牆引入拐角處的地塊,以提供人行道的延伸,並在轉彎處提供清晰的視線。 牆外的空間被低矮的灌木美化,作為人行道的活力增強。

Minimal setbacks and the unavoidable boundary wall prompted the idea of integrating the wall into the design of the House itself. It was designed with a combination of a contemporary Weathered Steel cladding in simple lines and carefully coordinated pattern complementing the timeless and monolithic feel of Silver Travertine. The large openings and the dramatic angles of the walls provide dynamic glimpses into and of the house from many vantage points.

最小的挫折和不可避免的邊界牆促使了將牆整合到房屋本身設計中的想法。 它的設計結合了現代風化鋼覆層,線條簡潔,精心協調的圖案與銀石灰華的永恆和整體感相得益彰。 牆壁的大開口和戲劇性的角度提供了從許多有利位置進出房屋的動態一瞥。

Enveloped within this strategically articulated feature wall, the house is designed as an inward-looking series of masses with internal courtyards to bring in light and ventilation. The transition from outside to inside proves a spatial experience as one encounters open-to-sky, shaded and covered areas in a harmonious sequence. Multiple courtyards enabled a variety of experiences through lawns, ‘kund’ seating around a bio-pool, semi open sit-outs, decks and terraces to form an interesting, vibrant home.

這座房子被這個策略性的鉸接式特色牆包圍著,它被設計成一組大量向內的個體,帶有內部庭院,以引入光線和通風。 從外部到內部的過渡證明了一種空間體驗,因為人們以和諧的順序遇到了開闊的天空、陰影和覆蓋的區域。 多個庭院通過草坪、圍繞生物池的“昆德式”座位、半開放式休息區、甲板和露台提供了各種體驗,形成了一個有趣、充滿活力的家。

Within the walls, the spaces interact closely with each other, across double-height spaces and large glazed walls. The lounge, living spaces and bedrooms are arranged to have interesting views of the pool and landscaping inwards and framed views outside. A dramatically sleek M.S. staircase is not just simply functional but also effortlessly sculptural. The unique combination of materials and elements, like the light and lofty M.S. staircase with the warm wooden frames and the modern weathered steel with the timeless stone cladding, lend a chic yet everlasting quality to the home.

在牆壁內,空間彼此密切互動,跨越雙高空間和大玻璃牆。 休息室、起居空間和臥室被安排成可以欣賞到游泳池的有趣景色,以及向內美化的景觀和外面的框架景觀。 一個非常時尚的樓梯不僅是簡單的功能,而且是毫不費力的雕塑。 材料與元素的獨特組合,如輕盈而崇高的帶有溫暖木框架的樓梯和帶有永恆石材覆層的現代風化鋼,為家庭增添了別緻而永恆的品質。