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30th Street House

Blue Truck Studio

Thrilled with the beach town location of their summer house in the Los Angeles area, but not with its loud ’90s-era architecture, a family of four approached Blue Truck Studio with a directive — tone it down.

一個四口之家對他們位於洛杉磯地區的避暑別墅的海濱小鎮位置感到興奮,但對它吸睛的 90 年代建築卻不感興趣,他們向 Blue Truck Studio 提出了一項指令——將建築低調。

What they had: a house with wild geometry, such as octagon-shaped rooms and triangular spaces. What they wanted: a home of simple forms and rustic textures, like the ones in the Northern California community of Sea Ranch.

他們所擁有的:一棟具有狂野幾何形狀的房子,例如八角形房間和三角形空間。 他們想要的是:一個簡單形式和質樸紋理的家,就像北加州海洋牧場社區中的那些一樣。

On the exterior, Blue Truck Studio reconfigured windows and added siding, wrapping it around the house to simplify its form and provide privacy. The custom milled siding is Alaskan yellow cedar and was chosen specifically for how it will weather over time, graying out to create a rustic patina reminiscent of the Sea Ranch aesthetic. Blue Truck Studio created an all-new interior of calm, open spaces that flow easily into one another.

在外部,Blue Truck Studio 重新配置了窗戶並添加了壁板,將其包裹在房屋周圍,以簡化其形式並提供隱私。 定制的銑削壁板是阿拉斯加黃雪松,專門選擇它隨著時間的推移會如何風化,變灰以創造一種質樸的古銅色,讓人聯想到海洋牧場的美學。 Blue Truck Studio 創造了一個全新的內部平靜、開放的空間,這些空間很容易相互融合。

They removed a fireplace structure at the side of the living room that was blocking indoor movement. Floor-to-ceiling windows open to the home’s two patios, creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. A pivot door and two large slider doors invite ample light inside. In an echo of the exterior of the home, cedar siding, painted white, wraps around the home’s stairwell.

他們拆除了客廳一側阻礙室內活動的壁爐結構。 落地窗通向住宅的兩個露台,創造了從室內到室外的無縫過渡。 一個樞軸門和兩個大滑動門在裡面引入了充足的光線。 與房屋外部相呼應的是,漆成白色的雪松壁板環繞著房屋的樓梯間。

Renovation of the 3,770-square-foot house in Manhattan Beach, California took 14 months. The family, which has roots in the Los Angeles area, wanted to create a home that would be as conducive to hosting friends and family as it was relaxation and quiet. The four-bedroom home has both, with large gathering areas for entertaining, but also living quarters tucked away for privacy.

這座位於加利福尼亞州曼哈頓海灘的 3,770 平方英尺房屋的翻修耗時 14 個月。 這個起源於洛杉磯地區的家庭想要打造一個既適合接待朋友和家人又適合放鬆和安靜的家。 這套四居室住宅既有用於娛樂的大型聚會區,也有隱蔽的起居區以保護隱私。

There are also many spaces and details geared towards recreation. A converted garage houses a play area and art studio. Meanwhile, a driveway turned soccer pitch and a slatted outdoor shower for hosing off after a trip to the beach reflects the family’s love of the outdoors.

還有許多面向娛樂的空間和細節。 改建的車庫設有遊樂區和藝術工作室。 與此同時,一個車道變成了足球場和一個板條戶外淋浴,用於在從事海灘行程後沖洗,反映了這個家庭對戶外活動的熱愛。