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Carmen House

Carles Faus Arquitectura

The design of the housing is born focusing on the style of the Ibizan country house, simple clear lines, controlled light and the white colour as starting stroke.The house is dampened by the light of the city of Dénia, located in an environment in which the accent has to be placed only inside, having to divert attention from what surrounds it.

房屋的設計以伊比沙鄉間別墅的風格為中心,簡潔明快的線條,可控的光線和白色作為開始的筆觸。 調性只能放在裡面,使人不得不將注意力轉移到它周圍的東西上。

When projecting, a rectilinear formality has been followed, without too many deviations from the plans that make up the main axes of the house.A design, where the location of spaces is given, mainly, by the path of light throughout the day. Upon entering, the house receives us with a large opening overlooking to the pool, in the foreground, and towards the Dénia castle on a more diffuse plane.

在投影時,遵循直線形式,與構成房屋主軸的案件沒有太多偏差。一種設計主要是讓通過全天的光線路徑來確定空間的位置。 一進門,房子就有一個大開口,可以俯瞰游泳池,在前景中,在更分散的平面上朝向德尼亞城堡。

This large opening, with the ability to blur, once opened, the interior-exterior relationship, is framed by a porch of the same dimensions, which mitigates the entry of the Sun in the hottest months of the year, favouring on this way the staying in the same.


The access to the interior of the house has been generated through a side access, located on the north facade. This access is accompanied by a large opening, which frames us the views from the kitchen and dining area, increasing the relationship between both spaces, housing a small green line of the outside garden inside the main room.

通往房屋內部的通道是通過位於北立面的側面通道產生的。 這條通道伴隨著一個大開口,它將廚房和用餐區的景色框起來,增加了兩個空間之間的關係,在主房間內設有一條小的室外花園綠線。

The entrance opens the space to the main nucleus, a double height space that allows us to break with the exterior continuity. The day zone is delimited by the space with the largest volume and the large opening to which the porch of the main façade precedes. From this space the rest of the pieces of the house are fed, locating, on a very discreet plane, the nucleus of vertical communication.

入口打開了通往主核心的空間,這是一個雙高空間,讓我們能夠打破外部的連續性。 白天區域由體積最大的空間和主立面門廊之前的大開口界定。 從這個空間開始,房子的其餘部分被饋食,位於一個非常大面積的平面上,作為上下溝通的中心。

White as the main subject. This has been the premise that we have followed from beginning to end. White as a generator and driver of light. Black shadows faded by its white background. A white lime, in its exterior vertical faces, that when reaching its base follows the same traceability and linearity when using the white microcement as continuity. The project base could be translated as a large white canvas that has been provided with different white pigments to make up all the spaces.

以白色為主體。 是我們自始至終遵循的前提。 白色作為光的發生器和驅動器。 黑色的陰影被它的白色背景褪去。 一種白色石灰,在其外部垂直面中,使用白色微水泥作為連續性時,當到達其底部時遵循相同的可追溯性和線性。 案件基地可以轉換成一塊巨大的白色帆布,上面塗有不同的白色顏料來構成所有的空間。