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Apartment in Binh Thanh

Sainuki Daisuke Architects

The project is about a small apartment with seven rooms in Binh Thanh District, a nearly central area in Ho Chi Minh   City. The site has unique slightly curved shape by merging several plots of different sizes with the total length of around 40 meters. It is located in a high density area surrounded by two or three-storey buildings.

該專案是關於位於胡志明市近中心區域 Binh Thanh 區的一個有七個房間的小公寓。 本場地由幾塊大小不一的地塊合併而成,總長約40米,具有獨特的略微彎曲的形狀。 它位於被兩層或三層建築物包圍的高密度區域。

On initial inspection of the site, we felt that there is much potential due to: “remaining urban open space / void created haphazardly in the crowded city”. Therefore, on careful consideration, we concluded that this open ‘urban’ space can be utilized to design both an attractive and well-designed open spaced building harnessing the natural daylight and wind.

在對場地的初步考察中,我們認為有很大的潛力是因為:“剩餘的城市開放空間/空隙在擁擠的城市中隨意創造”。 因此,經過仔細考慮,我們得出的結論是,這個開放的“城市”空間可以用來設計一個有吸引力且設計良好的開放空間建築,利用自然光和風。

The volume of the building is formed by optimization of the licensed construction boundary according to building regulation. Based on the study on the ‘cross-sectional’ perspective, a large open courtyard is placed in the middle of the building and a U-shaped solid mass is created by two ‘towers’ with the connection at the ground floor. Furthermore, we create a void for connecting the garden-space on ground floor to the open-area courtyard.

建築物的結構是根據建築法規優化許可施工邊界而形成的。 基於對“橫截面”視角的研究,一個大型開放式庭院被放置在建築物的中間,由兩座“塔”形成一個U形的實體架構,並在底層連接。 此外,我們創造了一個空隙,將底層的花園空間連接到開放區域的庭院。

In addition, we prepared the “Lanai (=semi-outdoor space)” for each room, exposed to the courtyard. These outside spaces (open-area courtyard, garden space, and Lanai) are organically connected each other making use of the “fresh” air-circulation and deep day lighting penetration for whole of the building. A lot of outside space enhances occupants’ living style with a deep connection to the outdoor found in tropical areas.

此外,我們為每個房間準備了“拉奈(=半戶外空間)”,暴露在庭院中。 這些外部空間(開放式庭院、花園空間和拉奈)利用整個建築的“新鮮”空氣循環和深日光滲透,有機地相互連接。 大量的外部空間與熱帶地區的戶外有著深厚的聯繫,從而增強了居住者的生活方式。

According to the client’s request, we tried to utilize the local materials in Vietnam for low cost construction. The terracotta screen block is very popular in Vietnam. We combine different patterns of blocks, creating a characteristic Façade and outside space in the courtyard, which makes use of natural ventilation, passive cooling by shading, while simultaneously enhancing occupant security.

根據客戶的要求,我們嘗試利用越南當地的材料進行低成本建設。 陶土屏風塊在越南很受歡迎。 我們結合不同的街區模式,在庭院中創造出具有特色的立面和外部空間,利用自然通風、被動遮陽降溫,同時增強居住者的安全性。

In the outside space, we planted a lot of greenery making use of the natural abundance of natural daylight and natural ventilation, creating an enjoyable outdoor space.