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Parsonson Architects

This small, standalone structure sits at the Southern end of a 243m2 property in Berhampore. The existing house is a compact two bedroom Victorian cottage and is occupied by a couple and their two young sons. Space in the house is at a premium, increasingly so as the boys grow older.

這個小型的獨立結構位於 Berhampore 一個 243 平方米的房產的南端。 現有的房子是一座緊湊的兩房維多利亞式小屋,住著一對夫婦和他們的兩個年幼的兒子。 房子裡的空間是非常寶貴的,隨著男孩們長大,越來越重要。

The new Studio is designed to provide flexible additional space such as catering for children’s play, as a place for peaceful retreat, study or overflow accommodation. Whilst it is separate to the house at the end of the rear yard, it is visually connected and linked by sheltered outdoor space.

新工作室旨在提供靈活的額外空間,例如為兒童玩耍提供餐飲服務,作為一個安靜的休憩、學習或額外住宿的地方。 雖然它與後院盡頭的房子是分開的,但它在視覺上被遮蔽的室外空間連接起來。

The main space of the Studio faces North, with a bathroom and storage area at the rear and a mezzanine sleeping / play / storage area above. The Studio sits above the ground on timber piles, with a deck extending northwards back towards the house. The deck is cut around an existing olive tree on the West side. 

工作室的主要空間朝北,後面有浴室和儲藏區,上面有閣樓睡覺/玩耍/儲藏區。 工作室坐落在地上的木樁上,甲板向北延伸回房子。 甲板圍繞西側現有的橄欖樹切割。

Both the deck, pergola and the main interior space have been conceived as one triangulated structure, stitching together the spaces and reinforcing the interior-exterior connection, while relating to the delicacy of the surrounding vegetation. Materials are unadorned, raw and but carefully assembled.

甲板、涼棚和主要的內部空間都被設想為一個三角形結構,將空間縫合在一起,加強內外連接,同時與周圍植被精緻的聯繫在一起。 材料是樸素的、原始的,但經過精心組裝。

This project is an example of urban infill on a tiny scale, allowing a family to live on a small property close to the city without having to move to suburbia. The structure and internal linings are made from entirely wood.

這個專案是一個小規模城市填充的例子,允許一個家庭住在靠近城市的小房子裡,而不必搬到郊區。 這架構和內部襯裡完全由木材製成。

Linings are zero formaldehyde ‘Strandboard’ finished in natural WOCA oil. The garden studio is a multipurpose space facing north back towards the existing house, with a screening pergola to reduce higher summer sun.

襯裡是用天然 WOCA 油製成的零甲醛“刨花板”。 花園工作室是一個多用途的空間,朝北,背對現有的房子,有一個遮陽棚,以減少夏季較高角度的陽光。