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Mumbai Artist Retreat

Architecture BRIO

The Mumbai Artist Retreat is conceptualised as a community space. It is an art lab of sorts, that aims to bring together art, ecology and society. It will bring people from diverse backgrounds together to engage in various forms of artistic expression in a creative and critical way. Therefore the space will reflect the intention of ‘coming together’. Furthermore it aims to inspire reflection, quietude, creativeness, and belonging. A space where people can engage and immerse in nature and within themselves.

孟買藝術家靜修中心被概念化為一個社區空間。 這是一個藝術實驗室,旨在將藝術、生態和社會結合在一起。 它將來自不同背景的人們聚集在一起,以創造性和批判性的方式參與各種形式的藝術表達。 因此,空間將反映“聚在一起”的意圖。 此外,它旨在激發反思、安靜、創造力和歸屬感。 一個人們可以參與和沈浸在自然和自己內部的空間。

The Artist workshop is a 12m x 9m “tropical shed” with two roofs that are each six meter high. Two skylights chop off the pyramid shaped roofs on the top.  By shifting the roofs away from each other asymmetrically, they define the two spaces below from an experimental perspective. A store room with screen printing equipment creates an additional loft with a workspace on top of it.

藝術家工作室是一個 12m x 9m 的“熱帶棚屋”,有兩個屋頂,每個屋頂都高 6 米。 兩個天窗切斷了頂部的金字塔形屋頂。 通過將屋頂不對稱地移開,他們從實驗的角度定義了下面的兩個空間。 帶有絲網印刷設備的儲藏室創造了一個額外的閣樓,上面有一個工作區。

While the stilts, columns and beams are made in galvanised steel, the roof structure is built of bamboo V-shaped beams. Indian bamboo often suffers from irregular shapes and diameters. In order to avoid the natural irregularity of the bamboo from becoming distractive, the layout of the rafters follows a zig-zag pattern. However it also increases the strength of the  structural frame. While the framework is exposed from the inside, on the exterior a lightweight roofing of cement sheets cover the bamboo framework.

高蹺、柱子和樑是用鍍鋅鋼製成的,而屋頂結構是用竹製的 V 形樑建造的。 印度竹子經常有不規則的形狀和直徑。 為了避免竹子的自然不規則性變得分散支撐力,椽子的佈局遵循鋸齒形圖案。 然而,它也增加了結構框架的強度。 當框架從內部暴露時,在外部,一個輕質的水泥板屋頂覆蓋著竹框架。

A solar skylight on the top of the roof generates power and pulls up hot air from the space below. These solar panels are integrated in such a way that they their technological character does not overpower the design. In addition this skylight is openable and therefore encourages a natural flow of air across the workshops.

屋頂頂部的太陽能天窗發電並從下方空間吸收熱空氣。 這些太陽能電池板的集成方式使其技術特性不會壓倒設計。 此外,這個天窗是可打開的,因此促使工作坊內的空氣自然流動。

Flexibility is an important criteria for a workshop space without a fixed programming. Therefore movable wall panels can connect to each modular bay of columns, allowing the spaces to be modified. These timber slat panels keep out rain and direct sunlight where it is not desired.

靈活性是沒有固定編程的工作坊空間的重要標準。 因此,可移動的牆板可以連接到每個模塊化的柱子隔間,從而可以修改空間。 這些木板條板可以在不需要的地方防止雨水和陽光直射。

Depending on the requirement, the Artists workshop can be used as a single large workshop, multiple simultaneous workshops or an exhibition space.  Along with the flexible construction system and the flexible arrangement of spaces, the workshop is a future ready building that can adapt to the fluidity of artistic programming and the uncertainties of its terrain.

根據需求,藝術家工作坊可作為一個大型工作坊、多個同時工作坊或一個展覽空間。 除了靈活的建築系統和靈活的空間佈置,工作室是一座適應未來藝術規劃的流動性和其地形不確定性的建築。