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LRVO house extension

Vous architecture & design

In the Preux district, on the edge of Saint-Herblain, France, 1980’s identical houses line up, only distinguished by their pale colors.

在法國聖埃爾布蘭邊緣的 Preux 區,1980 年代一模一樣的房子排成一排,惟有以其蒼白的顏色而著稱。

Carefully placed above the garage, the LRVO extension takes

advantage of the orientation of the plot and extends the house toward the road, facing west.

小心地放置在車庫上方,LRVO 擴展需要利用地塊的方向,將房子延伸到面向西的道路上。

A simple, one-piece volume, radically wrapped in wood cladding, on the walls as well as on the roof, dialogues with the pavilion. Like a sketch of an archetypal house, this new living space is part of the existing building through a fine dialogue with the current roof slopes.

一個簡單的一體成形,從根本上用木質覆層包裹,在牆壁和屋頂上,與樓閣對話。 就像一個原型房子的草圖,這個新的生活空間通過與當前屋頂斜坡的良好對話成為現有建築的一部分。

Delicately placed on the garage, the project contrasts in its materiality, without however erasing the particular geometry of the pavilion which supports it.


Inside, VOUS also designed and built the furniture. A double height space fitted with a dressing acts as a hallway, leading to a bathroom facing south, and a bedroom on the other side. Shelves span the whole west wall, turning from a sink to shelves, to a desk, to shelves again, ending in a lecture spot, adjoining the bedroom window.

在內部,VOUS 還設計和製造了家具。 配有梳妝台的雙高空間充當走廊,通向朝南的浴室和另一側的臥室。 架子橫跨整個西牆,從水槽到架子,再到桌子,再到架子,最後是一個演講處,毗鄰臥室的窗戶。

On the upper floor, a roof window enlights a storage space that can be turned, one day, into a guest room or a reading salon.