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Habitación a 3 metros


The project is an extension of a single-family home.


The starting point of the project is the client's needs: A room three meters high, separated from their usual home.


There is a bedroom supported by two sculptural pieces, an organic and rigid one, made of concrete lined with slatted wood and an exposed concrete staircase.


in order to endow with use this ground floor is closed with a materiality that provides it with the maximum possible transparency. It include the living room and kitchen.

為了賦予使用功能,這個底層被關閉了物質特性,為它提供了最大的可能的透明度。 它包括客廳和廚房。

This construction is connected to the current house through a walkway.


The whole complex is decorated with vegeta on, existing both inside the house and outside, with the landscaped roof and the xeriscape of the plot itself.