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Four Rectangles

Jun Igarashi Architects

I started thinking and practicing about the middle area (‘engawa’, sunroom etc.) with the airlock entrance as a trigger. I was born and grew in cold climates and continued design while living there, so I began thinking about the middle area. At the beginning of my design I had a consciousness of "a middle area to protect". It is a space "between" the human consciousness from the inner space to the outer space. This resembles the process of Alva Aalto architecture, which was built against the Northern European severity of nature.

我開始思考和練習以氣閘入口作為觸發的中間區域(緣側、日光室等)。 我在寒冷的氣候中出生和成長,並在那裡繼續設計,所以我開始考慮中間區域。 在我的設計之初,我有一個“要保護的中間區域”的意識。 它是從內部空間到外部空間的人類意識“之間”的空間。 這類似於阿爾瓦阿爾托建築的過程,該建築是針對北歐嚴酷的自然而建造的。

People put themselves in the inner space, feeling the outer space from there, and touching it. The airlock entrance was made in cold district as a "middle area to protect" architecture that prevents cold air from flowing outside into the room during the winter season.

人們把自己置身於內在空間,從那裡感受外在空間,觸摸它。 氣閘入口是在寒冷地區建造的,作為“中部保護”的建築,可以防止冷空氣在冬季從室外流入房間。

Conventional airlock entrance is very narrow and cheap, it is installed to stick to the building. It plays an important role to improve the indoor environment, but its appearance and space are very sad. I thought that I wanted to treat it as a more enjoyable existence. In my private house, we ordinarily made the airlock entrance slightly installed at the entrance as big as the children's room.

傳統的氣閘入口很窄而且便宜,它是安裝在建築物上的。 它對改善室內環境起著重要作用,但它的外觀和空間卻很慘淡。 我以為我想把它當作一種更愉快的存在。 在我的私人住宅中,我們通常將氣閘入口稍微安裝在入口處,與兒童房一樣大。

Then, vicinity was born there, a good sense of distance was created between the outside and the inside. In the space designed as " a middle area to protect ", indoor activities will overflow in the summer. It was the “between” space consciousness towards the outside from the inside, it was not “between” from the outside to the inside.

然後,鄰近就在那誕生了,在外部和內部之間產生了良好的距離感。 在被設計成“中間保護區域”的空間裡,夏天的室內活動將淹沒。 是由內向外的“之間”空間意識,而不是由外向內的“之間”。

Now, I am considering the possibility of "a middle area not only to protect". It is to aim not only the severity of winter but also the middle area where you can enjoy all the conditions by thinking about the way of "between" from both inside and outside. In this plan, we placed a building in the center of the site. This is one option when setting a small footprint architecture in a limited residential section of a rural district, with limited conditions including cost. Although some hierarchy occurs depending on the direction and the neighboring state, "vacant lands" are born equally to the four sides of the building. When designing from the inside towards the vacant land (outside), the feeling of the person in the vacant land seemed important. I attempted to create a "between" from both directions that would not only be a large eaves as a base from the inside but also as a stronghold of humans from the outside. There are "four areas" in "four rectangles". The first rectangle in the center of the building is the space in the most stable state. The second one is a semi-underground rectangle surrounding it, which is a thought and continuity space from the airlock entrance.

現在,我正在考慮“一個不只是保護的中間區域”的可能性。不僅要瞄準嚴冬,還要瞄準中間區域,通過從內部和外部考慮“之間”的方式,您可以享受所有條件。在這個計劃中,我們在場地中心放置了一座建築物。這是在農村地區有限的住宅區設置小型建築的一種選擇,條件包括成本。儘管根據方向和相鄰狀態會出現一些等級,但“空地”在建築物的四個側面均等地誕生。當從內部向空地(外部)進行設計時,空地中人的感覺似乎很重要。我試圖從兩個方向創造一個“中間”,它不僅從內部作為一個大屋簷作為基地,而且從外部作為人類的據點。 “四個矩形”中有“四個區域”。建築中心的第一個矩形是處於最穩定狀態的空間。第二個是圍繞它的半地下矩形,這是從氣閘入口開始的思想和連續性空間。

The rectangle of the third large eaves beneath space and the rectangle of the fourth vacant land were designed as a multipurpose area, so I decided not to limit the function inside this area. Architecture is an existence born to obtain certain kind of stable state from the fickle state of the outside (earth). The airlock entrance is a response to a certain limited situation. I have made various designs while changing it and enlarging it. It is important that "between" from two-way is more free and does not limit the function. The elegant space under which the arms spread widely becomes a place of various activities of human beings and is full of possibilities to become a large middle area. The middle area dose not only responses to the environment but also response to human pleasures.

空間下方第三大簷的矩形和第四空地的矩形被設計為多功能區域,因此我決定不限制該區域內的功能。 建築是從外部(大地)的變幻無常的狀態中獲得某種穩定狀態而誕生的存在。 氣閘入口是對某種有限情況的反應。 我在改變它和擴大它的同時做了各種設計。 重要的是,雙向的“之間”更自由,不限制功能。 雙臂寬闊的優雅空間成為人類各種活動的場所,充滿了成為大中間區域的可能性。 中間區域不僅對環境有反應,而且對人類的快樂也有反應。