8.5 House


This project is a small atelier-style house (87.23㎡) that will be built along the Tokaido Road that Hiroshige has walked and drawn.


And this house is home to three generations of painter, his wife, infant and husband's mother. The design began with the idea of transmitting a large exhibition wall for decorating his work to the city with a maximum length on the diagonal of the site, and decided to separate the living area from the atelier with the exhibition wall.

這座房子住著三代畫家,他的妻子,嬰兒和丈夫的母親。 設計的初衷是在場地對角線上以最大長度將用於裝飾他的作品的大型展牆傳遞到城市,並決定用展牆將生活區與工作室分開。

The theme is to open an atelier in Ninomiya-cho, located between Oiso (8th post town) and Odawara (9th post town), and to have the owner spin the fifty-three stations of the Tokaido.


In addition, with a homage, the sloped roof that doubles as a wall on the Tokaido on the northern side of the site reduces the feeling of pressure on the city with showing a sculptural form.


The steep sloping roof and the diagonal exhibition wall are crossed to create a three-dimensional figure of "wide / narrow" or "high / low" crossing space.


By creating a scale error in daily life and shaking the feeling, this house will be a house of imagination for the painter, and a tasteful home for the family.



Project Information

Project Name: 8.5 House

Location: Kanagawa, Japan

Architect Office: DOG

Lead Architect:Ryutaro Saito + Shun Ide*Nikken housing system

Completion Year: 2019


Photographer:Satoshi Takae + Shinkenchiku


1984.01 Born in Tokyo

2006.03 Bachelor of Architecture from Tokyo University of Science

2008.03 Master of Architecture from Tokyo University of Science

2008.04-2014.03 Takenaka Corporation

2014.04- Established DOG

2015.04- Doctor course of Architecture from the University of Tokyo

2015.04- Part-time lecturer of Nihon Kogakuin


2020.06 Proposal for Yasugi hakuai clinic ”2nd place” *with Satoshi Takae and GRAMDESIGN

2019.12 Environment-Friendly Home Design Awards 2020 ”jury’s special award” / Acquired stilt house

2019.11 2019 SHIKOKU KASEI DESIGN CONTEST ”1st prize” / Hokkori-ya

2017.12 CLT design competition ”3rd prize” / (CLT*Landscape) House

2017.11 61th Kanagawa Architecture Concours ”environmental appeal award” / Administrative house

2017.10 U-35 Architects exhibition 2017 ”fine work” / Diversity of a sense of values and figures

2017.05 Vacant house · vacant site competition by JIA Tohoku Chapter ”excellent work” / Edge of the cellars【Inside the cellars】

2016.07 SD Review 2016 ”selected work” / Administrative house

2016.01 Nasushiobara-shi civic center ”fine work” / Civic center which opens a section in a town *with I.R.A.

2015.09 Rokko meets art “Geijutsu sampo” 2015 ”fine work” / Fluctuation of 0.90n

2015.07 SD Review 2015 ”selected work” / The elderly care house of Rikuzentakata “Hokkori-ya”

2012.03 Interior planning award 2012 ”fine work” / Tohoku Gakuin University BRC-building

2010.10 GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 ”winner” / Tohoku Gakuin University BRC-building

2010.07 Display design award 2010 ”fine work” / Tohoku Gakuin University BRC-building

2010.07 44th SDA award ”fine work” / Tohoku Gakuin University BRC-building

2009.12 23rd Architectural and environmental design competition ”fine work” / The highway and windy mountain

2009.10 Art in container international competition in Kobe Biennale 2009 ”fine work” / Festival

2009.07 JSCA 20th anniversary idea competition ”judges’ award” / Magnetic Sumi-dashi

2009.07 Environmental design competition for 2050 in Takenaka Co. ”excellent work” / Slim architecture for forest and people

2009.03 competition of house design for health maintenance 2008-2009 ”fine work” / Ohanare-san goes around cities

2008.05 31th lemon exhibition of student’s works ”fine work” / Can the rooftop become the city?

2008.04 Exhibition of student works for master’s degree ”fine work” / Can the rooftop become the city?

2008.03 Tokyo architectural collection 2008 ”fine work” / Can the rooftop become the city?

2008.03 Work for master’s degree in Tokyo university of science ”1st prize” / Can the rooftop become the city?

2007.10 14th Union design award ”fine work” / Lock House/li>

2006.04 diploma works of housing estate revival ”fine work” / 772 houses

2006.03 exhibition of diploma works in 10 universities ”bronze prize” / 772 houses

2006.03 Diploma work of Tokyo university of science ”excellent award” / 772 houses

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