House in Comporta

Almeida Fernandes Arquitectura

This summer house is inspired in the beautiful Palafitic Pier in Carrasqueira, Comporta, a structure composed of hardwood pillars and beams supporting a path that gives access to fishermen’s sheds and boats.


This house is built on a sand dune and elevated through a hardwood piles and beams structure.


Composed of various wooden boxes dispersed along the plot, tied together by the circulation, the house invites the light to flow in through the space in-between and enhances the dialogue between the interior and exterior as one flows through one space to another.



Project Information

Project Name: House in Comporta

Location: Comporta, Portugal

Architect Office: Almeida Fernandes Arquitectura

Lead Architect:Afonso Almeida Fernandes

Completion Year: 2020


Photographer:Francisco Nogueira

About Studio

We believe architecture is intimately connected to people, and has the opportunity to improve our life and the world we live in every day. It is a vehicle for transformation and for evolution.

Our designs are deeply inspired by the context they are set in, whether sociological, material, historical, they have the ambition to mirror and innovate through their cultural surroundings.

Our clients are completely involved in the design, in a dialogue that specifies each detail for a perfect fit.

Our team is composed of young and fresh architects, willing to change and improve the world we live in!

We involve artists in many designs and work with experienced teams of engineers and landscape architects, coordinating a sound and profound approach in each design.

About Afonso Almeida Fernandes

Afonso spent his first two years of his career (2003-2004) working at Manuel Aires Mateus, developing several projects and gaining work experience.

In 2004 Afonso joined as managing partner the architectural studio Chp Arquitectos where he worked as lead designer and project coordinator for 12 years.

In 2016 Afonso founded Almeida Fernandes Arquitectura, where he remains to this date.

Afonso’s professional scope ranges from project design and coordination, urban refurbishment, design and planning, project management and project consultant as a coordinator in various building due diligences. His work experience in Lisbon for the past 14 years allows for a strong knowledge of how the city has evolved, grown and transformed, contributing to this transformation through his designs as author and co-author of several houses, buildings, allotments and city plazas.

Recently, he has created a association dedicated to bringing architectural design to the poor.  Associação CAuSA has refurbished more than 30 houses in partnership with Just a Change and is currently implementing a project of 33 agricultural shelters for subsistence farmers in the regions of Arganil, Castanheira de Pera and Oleiros.

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