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Maison Perchée

Natalie Dionne architecture

Situated in the rolling landscapes of the Eastern Townships, MAISON PERCHÉE was conceived as a dialogue with the landscape.

MAISON PERCHÉE 坐落在東部鄉鎮連綿起伏的景觀中,被認為是與景觀的對話。

Perched on the edge of an escarpment, the modest retreat is set on a small plateau of limited dimensions. Almost straddling the void, it runs along the top of the cliff providing a bird's-eye view of the Long Lake with the Appalachian mountains as a backdrop.

棲息在懸崖邊緣,適度的退縮設置在一個空間有限的小高原上。 它幾乎跨越虛空,沿著懸崖頂部延伸,以阿巴拉契亞山脈為背景,鳥瞰長湖。

This vista is apparent from the entrance porch, through a generously glazed passageway that runs right through the building. This large transparent corridor in the center of the chalet allows you to take advantage of the surrounding nature and functions as a buffer to privatize the master suite.

從入口門廊可以看到這種景觀,通過一條穿過建築物的寬大的玻璃通道。 這條位於木屋中心的大型透明走廊讓您可以充分利用周圍的自然風光,並產生緩衝主人套房空間變私有的作用。

The inclination of the roof provides generous height under the ceiling, allowing for the integration of large picture windows and to arrange a mezzanine dedicated to a bunkroom suite accommodating guests.


Simplicity and a limited materials pallet help to emphasize the views. Large openings frame a variety of landscapes including distant mountains with changing colors, mature hemlocks and the small forest vegetation surrounding the chalet and the grassy plain out front. Integrated terraces amalgamate interior and exterior. The largest one, overhanging the precipice, looks towards the lake and Mount Orford. Another, anchored to the rocky ground and nestled in a coniferous forest, provides intimate shelter as it is covered with a balcony where guests are invited to bask in the treetops. The front porch, open to the plateau and the rocky forest beyond, welcomes visitors and residents, revealing architecture through transparency.

簡單性和有限的素材板有助於強調觀點。 大開口勾勒出各種景觀,包括顏色不斷變化的遠山、成熟的鐵杉、小木屋周圍的小森林植被和前面的草地。 綜合露台融合了內部和外部。 最大的一個懸垂在懸崖上,朝向湖泊和奧福德山。 另一個,錨定在岩石地面上,坐落在針葉林中,提供私密的庇護所,因為它被一個陽台覆蓋,客人可以在樹梢上曬太陽。 前廊向高原和遠處的岩石森林開放,歡迎遊客和居民,通過可見度展示建築。

With its oblique silhouette, its simple shape and its refined materiality, MAISON PERCHÉE is ideally suited for family and friends to gather and contemplate the magnificent natural environment in which they find themselves immersed.

MAISON PERCHÉE 憑藉其傾斜的輪廓、簡單的形狀和精緻的材質,非常適合家人和朋友聚會和沈思他們發現自己沉浸其中的壯麗自然環境。