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House in Salto de Pirapora

Vereda Arquitetos

Salto de Pirapora is a satellite city 25km from Sorocaba and the house is located on the road that connects these two cities. The 1000m2 plot has an eitght meters slope and looks out over a small ecological reserve bordering a stream.

Salto de Pirapora 是一個衛星城市,距離索羅卡巴 25 公里,房子位於連接這兩個城市的道路上。 佔地 1000 平方米的地塊有 8 米的坡度,可俯瞰與溪流接壤的小型生態保護區。

The project is composed of three partially buried masonry volumes with varying levels according to the topography. These three volumes house the kitchen and laundry room in the first, the bedrooms in the second and the master bedroom’ bathroom in the third. The arrangement of these volumes on the site conforms the main space of the house, the void of the living and dining rooms.

該專案由三個部分埋藏的砌體體組成,根據地形的不同而異。 這三個立方體第一個是廚房和洗衣間,第二個是臥室,第三個是主臥室的浴室。 這些立方體在場地上的排列符合房子的主要空間,即客廳和餐廳的空隙。

This space allows full fluidity uphill without sectioning the site between front and back. A concrete grandstand establishes this relationship between the free areas of the plot and the various levels of the project, and enables multiple uses that make the most of these views towards the reserve.

這個空間允許完全往上的流動性,而無需在前後之間劃分場地。 一個具體的看台在地塊的自由區域和項目的各個層次之間建立了這種關係,並實現了多種用途,最大限度地利用這些對保護區的看法。

A concrete slab supported by four columns covers this set and produces different ambiences from the ceiling heights of each use. This slab was made from precast panel forms poured in place and its regular shape - a 14.00 X 10.40 m rectangle - does not match the perimeters of the other blocks generating open covered areas, balconies and internal gardens.

由四根柱子支撐的混凝土板覆蓋了這套裝置,並根據每次使用的天花板高度產生不同的氛圍。 這塊樓板是由預製板澆築而成,其規則的形狀——一個 14.00 X 10.40 平方公尺的矩形——與其他街區的周長不匹配,形成了開放的覆蓋區域、陽台和內部花園。

The master bedroom is then conformed above the other two bedrooms as a mezzanine to the living room and can be enclosed by a sliding curtain. The slabs of the three masonry volumes are roof gardens that are at times inside others times outside of the enclosed perimeters of the house. This enclosure is made of light glass panels free from frames.

然後主臥室與其他兩間臥室一致,作為客廳的夾層,可以用滑動窗簾封閉。 三個磚石立方體的樓板是屋頂花園,有時位於房屋封閉的周邊之外,有時位於其他內部。 這個外殼由沒有框架的輕質玻璃面板製成。

The main roof is also a roof garden completely free from infrastructures such as water tanks and solar panels, which are then located at the rear of the plot taking advantage of its sloped section. The owners are a couple of university professors and a newborn baby girl.

主屋頂也是一個屋頂花園,完全沒有水箱和太陽能電池板等基礎設施,然後利用其傾斜部分位於地塊的後部。 業主是一對大學教授和一個剛出生的女嬰。