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FCC Arquitectura

Of the need for an exhibition space came the "MATO - Art Gallery", next to Paulo Neves sculptor's atelier.

對展覽空間的需求來自 Paulo Neves 雕塑家工作室旁邊的“MATO - 藝術畫廊”。

Looking for inspiration in their own work of the sculptor, the organic design mirrors the trace of Paulo Neves.

從雕塑家自己的作品中尋找靈感,有機設計反映了 Paulo Neves 的踪跡。

The whole body develops without straight surfaces. As if a strange animal was born on site, mixed with the surrounding vegetation.

整個型體發展沒有直的表面。 彷彿有一種奇怪的動物在現場誕生,與周圍的植被混雜在一起。

With a very small indoor area, in the space are held several temporary exhibitions of national and international artists.


All installation rests gently through specific points, almost levitating on the ground. The tubular metallic structure, with the exterior in expanded polyurethane, is designed so as to insulate and waterproof the building as if it were a shell.

所有安裝都通過特定的點輕輕地放置,幾乎懸浮在地面上。 管狀金屬結構,外部採用膨脹聚氨酯,旨在使建築物絕緣和防水,就好像它是一個外殼一樣。

We put wooden flooring with the removed trees of the site. In the interior, the whole space has been coated with plaster so as to provide a continuous surface while curving constantly serving for setting works on exhibition.

我們將木地板與現場拆除的樹木放在一起。 在內部,整個空間都塗上了灰泥,以提供一個連續的表面,同時不斷彎曲,為展覽作品的佈置服務。