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The site is a section along the coast. It is a great location where the sea, the sky, and the green of the island shine. I paid close attention to the arrangement of the building sought first, especially the desire of the client to feel the sea in daily life and to live slowly.

該地點是沿海岸的一個部分。 這是一個絕佳的位置,大海、天空和島上的綠色都閃耀著光芒。 我密切關注的是首先尋求的建築物的佈置,特別是客戶希望在日常生活中感受大海並慢慢生活的願望。

The parking space usually set up on the side of the road is placed at the back of the site by making a part of the building a pilotis. In order to sandwich the next ground between the site and the sea, while assuming that the building will be built in the next land in the future, the opening was set while putting the aperture in the direction where there is no obstruction of the line of sight as much as possible.

通常設置在路邊的停車位透過使建築物的一部分成為底層架空柱,放置在場域的後面。 為了將下一個地面夾在場域和大海之間,同時假設建築物將在未來建造在下一個地面上,同時將開口設置在沒有障礙的方向上。 盡可能有更多的風景。

In this way, from the entrance through the stairs to ldk, the extra things were not reflected, and it was finished in the space where only the sea and the sky could be felt at all times.


In addition, considering the harmony with the furniture of the client-related with individuality, the inside was finished in the space like a high-quality hotel which suppressed excessive insistence by a chic color taste by eliminating the sense of life as much as possible while securing the storing firmly.

此外,考慮到與個性相關的客戶家具的和諧,內部完成了像高級飯店一樣的空間,通過別緻的色彩品味抑制了過度的堅持,盡可能消除生活感,同時 牢固地固定存儲。

The highly harmonious furniture and décor are so familiar to the scenery that it can be said that it is a background, and it enhances the feeling of immersion in the sea.


It was designed with the client and it was thoroughly stuck in the sea.