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Ogimachi House

Tomoaki Uno

這所房子是由兒子為生病的母親建造的。這房子的一個重要概念是私人空間與公共空間的互動。最終我提出了這棟房子的解決方案,除了入口和後門之外,整棟房子的牆上沒有都窗戶,而是安裝 32 個卡榫和 5 個可活動式的天窗代替。

This house was built by a son for a sick mother. An important concept of this house is the way private and society interact. Eventually, I proposed a house with no windows on the wall except for the entrance and the rear entrance. Instead, he suggested installing 32 fixes and five large windows that could be opened and closed on the ceiling.

該結構採用傳統的板倉構造,外牆使用加厚 30mm 的雪松板,並於木板中間放置絕緣材料阻絕濕氣。剛入住時業主母親感到很大的壓力,但經過一段時間後感到非常舒適,我也就放心了。

The structure is the traditional ITAKURA structure. For the outer wall, a 30 mm thick cedar board was doubled, and insulation was put between them. All made of cedar and cypress. His mother felt stressed when she started living, but now she seems very comfortable and I am relieved.