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TOLE House


The house is built on the land of 103m2. Our goal is to build a house with minimalist shape outside but modern and full function inside. Because of the limited of economic, we have saved for the construction cost minimally to invest in interior equipment.

房子建在103平方米的土地上。 我們的目標是建造一座外觀簡約但內部現代且功能齊全的房屋。 由於預算上的限制,我們節省了最低限度的建設成本來投資室內設備。

The house shows clearly the owner's personality that is strong and cold outside with iron frame structure and white corrugated tole around, but warm inside with wooden furniture, warm white light and full of trees in living space.


The tole layer which is used to cover the outside, is insulating foam tole. The inside of tole layer is completed by drywall, combined with well-ventilated skylights, the house is always cool and bright.

用於覆蓋外部的鍍錫鐵皮層是絕緣泡沫板金。 板金層的內部由石膏板完成,結合通風良好的天窗,房子總是涼爽明亮。

The house's function includes 2 floors:

- First floor: parking lot, living room, dining room, kitchen, toilet and 1 bedroom.

- 2nd floor: worship room, 2 bedrooms, toilet and voids

Trees surround the house and each space opens up a green patch, which gets light from the sky light. So the spaces connected together to create the cohension between 3 generations in the family: grandparents – parents- children.


- 一樓:停車場、客廳、餐廳、廚房、廁所和一間臥室。

- 2樓:禮拜室、2間臥室、廁所和一些空房

樹木圍繞著房子,每個空間都開闢了一片綠色的斑塊,從天光中得到光線。 因此,空間連接在一起,創造了家庭中 3 代人之間的凝聚力:祖父母 - 父母 - 孩子。

Because the family has many generations, the house must supply full function from the solemn worship area to the children's felling net above the parking lot. Even the limited land with lots of usable purpose, the owner still wants a small garden that is suitable for grandparents to rest and relax.

由於家中有幾代人,房子必須提供從莊嚴的禮拜區到停車場上方的兒童攀爬網的全部功能。 即使是有限的土地,有很多可利用的用途,業主仍然想要一個適合祖父母休息和放鬆的小花園。

The green spaces also make creative and peaceful living environment for children, so it is laid out in every corner of the house.