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Holiday house in Cap Ferret

Atelier du Pont

Like tree cabins, the house integrates itself into the vegetal landscape perfectly to bring its residents closer to nature, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay.


This vacation home situated in the middle of a stand of strawberry trees, yuccas, and pines was designed to blend into the landscape.


Like a series of tree cabins, the views from the inside and the sight lines corroborate this relationship to the surrounding natural world.


The house was designed to welcome a large, gregarious family, as a space where everyone can meet and also seek out their own private spaces of quiet.


With its wood-clad facades, the home appears to be hiding amidst the pine forest. The mineral interior spaces provide the whole with a sense of brightness, luminosity, and calm.

憑藉其木質外牆,房屋似乎隱藏在松樹林中。 礦產內部空間為整體提供了明亮、明亮和平靜的感覺。

With its broad, curved lines, the large, interior masonry staircase softens the triangular windows framing the views of the surrounding nature.