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SILAA Architects

Sahi W&D 是位於越南順化的一個小木屋。這棟木屋是為旅客設計的,希望他們可以在像宿舍的空間中度過假期。這個項目希望鼓勵人與人之間還有人與環境之間的連結。

SAHI W&D, a small timber hut, in hue city, Vietnam.  Designed as part of a homestay project where tourists can spend their holidays in dorm-style space. located at the corner of the site, the project aims to encourage the connection between people and their surrounding elements, and between people themselves.

連結的概念透過改變空間,用創造出縫隙的手法來體現:不同的量體各有用途 - 像是房間、廁所與廚房,每個量體都分為上下兩層,不同量體的間隙中再利用為共同區域或是陽台。旅客可以在同個屋簷下享用公共區域,並置身綠意當中。

The concept of ‘connection’ is realized by alternating the volumes and creating gaps between them to encourage interaction. the arrangement of the separated volumes – hosting sleeping spaces, rest rooms and the kitchenette – along two stories, created the open volumes that include the common spaces, terraces and voids. Through these gaps, people can enjoy the communal areas and the surrounding greenery all under the same roof with skylights.


The spaces provide the feeling of connection between people and the surrounding environment. Guests have the experience of living in a garden atmosphere, while also having more enclosed, private spaces. In addition to the connection with nature, the project also takes responsibility with nature due to its easy, low-cost construction process, recyclable nature and use of local materials.


Reclaimed wood and thatch are used for the main frames and roof cover of the hut. Polycarbonate panels cover the sleeping spaces, and help blur the boundaries of the hut. This material provides a translucent barrier that connects the interior spaces with the exterior garden by bringing in natural light and color, yet keeps the spaces closed and private.

(edited by: cristina gomez )