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Sahi Homestay Retreat

SILAA Architects

Tucked down an inconspicuous alleyway in Hue city,Vietnam,Sahi Homestay Retreat was built to meet the owner’s dream of creating a retreat where guests can relax and meditate.The project site with L shaped area is a part of a 1300 m2 property.The private and communal spaces is the issue that the architects think about in this project.

Sahi Homestay Retreat 位於越南順化市一條不起眼的小巷中,旨在滿足業主的夢想,即打造一個客人可以放鬆和冥想的度假勝地。L形區域的項目場地是1300平方米物業的一部分。私人和公共空間是建築師在這個專案中要考慮的問題。

The private spaces are bedrooms with gardens and pool attached inside while the communal spaces includes entrance yard,multipurpose hall with pool,group sitting area,corridor or swimming pool…The guests can enjoy the quiet moment in their bedroooms with high privacy as well as joining different activities at the communal spaces outside the rooms.


There’re 2 choices of room for the staying,the Double room with garden inside or Studio room with small garden and also water lily pool insde.
To bring the cozy atmosphere, simple construction work ,less effect on environment and also low cost,recycled wood _ collected from the demolished buildings in the city_is used for the main structure,door & window system, furniture of the project.Besides,other local and natural materials such as terracotta tiles,exposed brick,stone are mixed to create the rustic simplicity for the spaces.


The gaps, including open spaces between the bedrooms_ where the guests can sit around together_or the permeable facades help to improve the natural air ventilation across the building.


In winter,Hue often gets long days with rain so it's useful to collect the water from the roof and yard in a water tank underground to use in summer time.


Wooden louver that goes along the facade protects the inner spaces from the rain as well as filtering the harsh sunlight of tropical climate.