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House in arboretum

Arif Associates

The house is recreated with more green on its skin and cozy from its heart. The house was built inside a community housing compound with typical planning and structure of its own.

這座房子被重新建造,它的表面上有更多的綠色,並且從它的中心開始舒適。 這所房子建在一個社區住宅區內,有自己的典型規劃和結構。

It took almost 16 months to remake the house as now. The enthusiasm behind upbringing and inviting the plants and green space defines the name 'house in Arboretum' well.

像現在這樣重新裝修房子花了將近 16 個月的時間。 培育和移植植物和綠色空間,背後的熱情適切地定義了“植物園中的房子”這個名字。

The house has a normal facade that conveys the quality of the climate and even resists to more heat. It has an open plan where all the semiprivate spaces are connected to each other and make the circulation easy even for a newcomer.

房子有一個正常的立面,可以傳達氣候的質量,甚至可以抵抗更多的熱。 它有一個開放的規劃,所有的半私人空間都相互連接,即使對於新來的人來說也很容易交流。

At present, its a home rather than a house were all the plants and living beings breathe along with the family.


This residence settled in a gated residential community of Calicut, underwent a redesigning exercise, to break the basic structural design of the home that earlier had a sloping roof feature, following the standard design of other homes in the community.


The 16 months redesigning process turns out the look and feel of the house into an organic structure that celebrates the presence of nature.

16 個月的重新設計過程將房子的外觀和感覺變成了一個有機結構,歡慶自然的存在。