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Brinken Terrace has a prominent location on the top of the Tromsø Island with views towards all directions. The area is sun exposed at all hours and have direct access to the green area that stretches along the Tromsø island. In the completed outdoor areas many of the existing trees and other vegetation are being preserved, in addition, there has been planted more vegetation as birch trees, rose and berry bushes etc.

Brinken Terrace 位於特羅姆瑟島 (Tromsø Island) 頂部的顯眼位置,可欣賞到四面八方的景色。 該地區全天都暴露在陽光下,可直接通往沿特羅姆瑟島延伸的綠地。 在完工的室外區域,許多現有的樹木和其他植被得到了保護,此外,還種植了更多的植被,如白樺樹、玫瑰和漿果叢等。

The area between and around the buildings is composed by varied playing and outdoor recreation areas for the residents. It has for instance a small field for playing ball, various playgrounds and a sunbath/barbecue area. There is also a football field with artificial turf in the neighborhood which also is part of the project.

建築物之間和周圍的區域由供居民使用的各種遊樂和戶外休閒區組成。 例如,它有一個小球場、各種遊樂場和日光浴/烤肉區。 附近還有一個人造草坪足球場,這也是該專案的一部分。

The project was completed in 2009. The total area of the project is approx. 8100 m2 which includes the underground parking. The two blocks are in principle similar, with increasing height from two floors to the west towards the existing residential housing in Brinkveien street, and up to five floors towards the east and north.

專案於2009年竣工。項目總面積約 8100 平方公尺,包括地下停車場。 這兩個街區在原則上是相似的,從西邊的兩層樓到 Brinkveien 街現有住宅的高度增加,向東和北邊增加到五層樓。

In the planning phase, the future residents cooperated with the architect on the design of the apartments, this led to customized and unique apartments. Overall, the project consists of 48 flats of varying size from 36 to 196 m2. The adjusted approach in the flats’ design in the blocks gives variation in the window placements and facade expression. Both blocks have open and bright entrance halls, two staircases, two elevators, and underground parking with direct access and storage rooms. The blocks are connected by the common parking and outdoor areas.

在規劃階段,未來的居民與建築師合作設計公寓,從而打造出定制的獨特公寓。 總體而言,該專案包括 48 套面積從 36 到 196 平方公尺不等的公寓。 街區中公寓設計的調整方法使窗戶佈置和立面表現有所不同。 兩個街區都有開闊明亮的門廳,兩個樓梯,兩個電梯,以及直達地下停車場和儲藏室。 這些街區由公共停車場和室外區域相連。

All apartments have secluded private terraces or balconies. From the second storey and up the balconies are drawn into the building to provide as good microclimate as possible, which is important in the arctic climate. The apartments in the front have large west-facing roof terraces. The height of the ceiling in all apartments is 2.7 m, and the large windows frame the spectacular views of the mountains of Kvaløya island to the west, Malangen mountains to the south and Tromsdalstind mountain to the east. Most apartments have views in at least two directions, while the largest apartments have a 360° panoramic view.

所有公寓均設有隱蔽的私人露台或陽台。 從二樓開始,陽台被引入建築內,以提供盡可能好的微氣候,這在北極氣候中很重要。 前面的公寓有大的朝西的屋頂露台。 所有公寓的天花板高度為2.7公尺,大窗戶將西面 Kvaløya 島山脈、南面 Malangen 山脈和東面 Tromsdalstind 山脈的壯麗景色盡收眼底。 大多數公寓至少可以看到兩個方向的景色,而最大的公寓則可以欣賞到 360° 全景。

The construction system is steel columns in the facade with concrete decks, and internal load-bearing concrete walls. The facades are covered by 200mm wide boards of impregnated pine and in the balcony niches gray laminate plates are used. 

建築系統是外立面的鋼柱和混凝土甲板,以及內部承重混凝土牆。 立面由 200 毫米寬的浸漬松木板覆蓋,陽台壁龕中使用灰色層壓板。