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Mi Casita Preschool and Cultural Center

BAAO + 4Mativ Design Studio

Mi Casita Preschool and Cultural Center, designed collaboratively by BAAO Architects and 4|MATIV Design Studio is located in a new mixed-use residential development in Brooklyn. 

Mi Casita 幼兒園和文化中心由BAAO Architects 和 4|MATIV Design Studio 合作設計,位於布魯克林的一個新的混合用途住宅開發區。

The program called for three classrooms to occupy a large space with 15' ceilings on the ground floor of the building with a lower level for support programming. The space is organized around an L-shaped trough sink area that connects easily to each of the classrooms and becomes social gathering space/ play area.

該專案要求三間教室佔據建築物底層 15呎天花板的大空間,較低的樓層用於支援可節目化。 該空間圍繞一個 L 形槽形水槽區域組織,該區域可輕鬆連接到每個教室,並成為社交聚會空間/遊樂區。

Divisions between rooms are made with low furniture to provide flexibility so that the space can be transformed for events including performances organized by the school's artist-in-residence programs, but also to bring light deep into all the spaces since there is only one wall of large 15’ high windows.

房間之間的分隔是用低矮的家具來提供靈活性,這樣空間就可以靈活轉變,包括學校駐場藝術家項目組織的表演,同時也可以將光線深入所有空間,因為只有一堵牆 15 英尺高的大窗戶。

The school’s focus on being a “home away from home” and learning from different cultures inspired the design of graphic elements relating to home and city. House-shaped cutouts in the walls at both adult scales and child scales provide child-sized reading nooks and passages through the space. The central bathroom and trough sink area’s graphic tile pattern references the city skyline and is echoed as an element in the window treatment and the school’s branding.

學校專注於成為“家外之家”和學習不同文化,激發了與家和城市相關的圖形元素的設計。 成人尺寸和兒童尺寸的牆壁上的房子形狀的凹陷切口提供了兒童大小的閱讀角落和穿過空間的通道。 中央浴室和水槽區域的圖形瓷磚圖案參考了城市天際線,並作為窗飾和學校品牌的元素呼應。

Color is used for dramatic effect throughout the space. Turquoise on the ceiling and clusters of light globes give the sense of being under a starry sky. At children’s nap time this is especially inviting as kids lay on their mats and look up at the ceiling and the clusters of lights that are dimmed to low. The color is also reminiscent of warm oceans and colors in Spain where the owner of the school is from.

顏色用於整個空間的戲劇效果。 天花板上的綠松石和燈球簇給人一種置身於星空之下的感覺。 在孩子們的午睡時間,當孩子們躺在他們的墊子上,抬頭看著天花板和調暗的燈光簇時,這尤其誘人。 這種顏色也讓人想起學校主人所在的西班牙溫暖的海洋和顏色。

Orange is used in cutouts in the walls and accent elements within the space to give a glow and comforting affects. Orange-lined stairs lead down to the parent-co-working space below. Because there is only one window wall, reflecting qualities of light and using color were critical in our design of creating fun playful little moments within the space that will transform through the day as the light changes.

橙色用於牆壁上的鏤空和空間內的重點元素,以提供光彩和舒適的效果。 橙色襯裡的樓梯通向下面的父母共同工作空間。 因為只有一堵窗戶牆,反射光的質量和使用顏色對於我們在空間內創造有趣的小時刻的設計至關重要,這些時刻將隨著光線的變化而在一天中發生變化。