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House in São Pedro do Estoril

ARX Portugal, Arquitectos lda

This plot is located in S. Pedro do Estoril, a suburb of Lisbon, within walking distance to beach. Waterfront ambiance defines the privileged character of this area, once a summer retreat of local aristocratic families.

該地塊位於里斯本郊區的 S. Pedro do Estoril,步行即可到達海灘。 海濱氛圍定義了該地區的特權特徵,曾經是當地貴族家庭的避暑勝地。

It is inserted on a large scale urbanization, in a medium density sector for single family homes.Local regulations define basic parameters - building in the center of the plot, leaving the surrounding space for a garden. It allows for a 3 floor house, one below ground, restricts building footprint and total gross area.

它被安插到大規模城市化中,在單戶住宅的中等密度區域。當地法規定義了基本參數 - 在地塊中心建造,為花園留出周圍空間。在限制建築佔地面積和總建築面積規範下,被允許建造一棟 3 層的房子,其中一層在地面下。

Due to variable architectural options in the surrounding houses, we searched here for an archetypical beach house paradigm, with its characteristic double pitched roof, to anchor our conceptual path. The house has been thought to become a permanent home for a family with two daughters.

由於周圍房屋的建築選擇多種多樣,我們在這裡尋找典型的海濱別墅範例,以其獨特的雙坡屋頂來錨定我們的概念路徑。 這所房子被設定將成為一個有兩個女兒的家庭的永久居所。

Basement floor is served by a gently rising slope that gives access from the street to the garage, with capacity for 3 cars. Ground floor, accommodates daytime areas and parents master suite. Fluid space flow inside - out, with a minimum modeling of land topography.

地下室樓層透過緩緩上升的斜坡來提供使用,可從街道通往車庫,可容納 3 輛車。 一樓,可容納白天活動區域和男女主人套房。 流動的空間由內向外流動,對陸地地形的塑造最少。

Here we experience the garden, sunlight and pool and feel the sound of waves and odor of the sea. The upper floor is dedicated to the two daughter bedrooms and an informal family room. The variable height of the ceilings lend the space a certain homy sense of comfort and ambiguous scale.

在這裡我們體驗花園、陽光和泳池,感受海浪的聲音和大海的氣味。 上層專門用於兩間女兒臥室和一間非正式的家庭活動室。 天花板的可變高度給空間帶來了某種溫馨的舒適感和模糊的界線。

The skin of the house is its skeleton, built in reinforced concrete, casted on site. Slabs are in regular gray concrete exposed flush while the walls and flush roof are in red pigmented concrete, molded locally in wood vertical boards. The subtle texture resonates the simplicity of vernacular Portuguese coast constructions.

房子的表皮用鋼筋混凝土建造是它的骨架,現場澆築。 樓板是普通的灰色混凝土,外露齊平,而牆壁和齊平的屋頂是紅色混凝土,在木垂直板上局部模製。 微妙的紋理與葡萄牙本土海岸建築的簡潔性產生共鳴。