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Urban Style Pampa

F2M Arquitectos

Urban Style Pampa is located in Villa Urquiza, at the corner of La Pampa and Mariano Acha streets and a few meters away from the new “Donado-Holmberg” district linear park.

Urban Style Pampa 位於 Villa Urquiza,位於 La Pampa 和 Mariano Acha 街道的拐角處,距離新的“Donado-Holmberg”區帶狀公園僅數米之遙。

This nine unit building offers two different typologies (one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments) organized in triplex, which due to their distribution, their spatiality and a series of singular details, refer to the idea of ​​"small urban houses".

For the design of the units, a reinterpretation of the typical residences of the neighborhood was carried out. This residences usually have one or two levels, and in most cases, a private patio or a small backyard.

這棟九單元建築提供了兩種不同的類型(一居室和兩居室公寓),以三層形式組織,由於它們的分佈、空間性和一系列奇異的細節,參考了“城市小房子”的概念。對於單元的設計,對社區的典型住宅進行了重新詮釋。 這些住宅通常有一層或兩層,在大多數情況下,有一個私人庭院或一個小後院。

Part of the challenge consisted of introducing these open spaces, normally located on the ground floor, but vertically into the apartments, preserving their conditions and virtues.To that end, an "interlacing system” between the typologies was introduced, in addition to a withdrawal from the municipal line, optimizing the use of the buildable area for the interior design of the apartments and also generating a series of open spaces such as balconies, patios and terraces.

部分困難包括引入這些開放空間,通常位於底層,但垂直進入公寓,保留它們的條件和美感。為此,除了退出之外,還引入了類型之間的“交錯系統” 從市政線出發,優化可建築面積的使用,用於公寓的室內設計,並生成一系列開放空間,如陽台、庭院和露台。

These outdoor spaces which are incorporated into the units on their different levels also provide them luminosity and link them to the exterior in the same way that it happens with the typical homes.


Likewise, due to their dimensions, these spaces provide new environments for the outdoor use, and at the same time, allow crossed ventilation inside the unit.This “volumetric game” also provides the apartments certain characteristics that are usually attributed to single-family homes, such as interior double heights and subtle level differences situations. In addition, the inclusion of concrete stairs with a strong aesthetic personality emphasizes the idea of ​​vertical space.

同樣,由於它們的尺寸,這些空間為室外使用提供了新的環境,同時允許單元內部交叉通風。這種“體積遊戲”還為公寓提供了通常歸因於單戶住宅的某些特徵,例如內部雙高和微妙的水平差異情況。 此外,具有強烈審美個性的混凝土樓梯的加入強調了垂直空間的理念。