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Bonpland 2169 Building


Finally, almost everybody agrees that our cities should be compact, dense and programmatically diverse. Although there are quantitative nuances regarding these points, most of our efforts aim to consolidate a model of a city different from the positivism outlined in the Athens Chart.

終於,幾乎每個人都同意我們的城市應該緊湊、密集且功能多樣。 儘管在這些方面存在數量上的細微差別,但我們的大部分努力旨在鞏固一個不同於雅典圖表中概述的實證主義的城市模型。

Rural migrations to urban centers overflowed imagined densities, forcing us to abandon the idea that there is a single program linked to large areas of land. Assuming this condition has led us to imagine different ways to swell and diversify the thickness of our cities.

農村向城市中心的遷移超出了想像中的密度,迫使我們放棄了與大片土地相關聯的單一計劃的想法。 假設這種情況讓我們想出了不同的方法來擴大和多樣化我們城市的厚度。

The large-scale constructions called Mixed-Use are an example of this line of work where buildings with diverse programs converge in a single project. Today we have techniques capable of establishing certain continuity between the proposed city model and large-scale constructions. However, in the range of the average scale, this relationship has not been addressed in depth.

稱為混合用途的大型建築是這一工作線的一個例子,其中具有不同功能的建築物匯集在一個項目中。 今天,我們擁有能夠在擬議的城市模型和大型建築之間建立一定連續性的技術。 然而,在平均尺度範圍內,這種關係並未得到深入處理。

The Bonpland 2169 building tries to position itself in this debate, understanding in advance that its size will prevent it from reproducing organizational strategies linked to a larger scale of work. In this case, the starting point is to address the diversity of uses through spatial homogeneity. Instead of projecting a container to host previously established programs, a structure open to different appropriations is offered.

Bonpland 2169 大樓試圖在這場辯論中定位自己,提前了解它的規模將阻止它複製與更大規模工作相關的組織戰略。 在這種情況下,出發點是通過空間同質性解決用途的多樣性。 不是設計一個容器來承載先前建立的程序,而是提供一個對不同挪用開放的結構。

A programmatically unstable but spatially specifc environment, organized by means of fve bays perpendicular to the dividing walls that delimit their technical aptitude at the same time that they offer a good margin of flexibility.


Although our feld of action is circumscribed to the area of material organization, our feld of reflection overflows it until we can accurately report it. The atention towards the new ways of using the city, the updating of its programs or the appearance of hybrid instances among the uses that we already know, are here moments of vital importance. The main argument of this project is developing a sensitivity according to the objects that each unit will occupy and assuming the challenge of each spatial appropriation allows us to see a new way of living.

雖然我們的行動範圍僅限於物質組織領域,但我們的反思領域會溢出它,直到我們能夠準確地報告它。 對使用城市的新方式的關注、城市項目的更新或我們已知用途中混合實例的出現,都是至關重要的時刻。 這個項目的主要論點是根據每個單元將佔據的對像開發一種敏感性,並假設每個空間撥款的挑戰讓我們看到一種新的生活方式。