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Villa Dular is a typical modernistic villa originally designed in 1932 by architect Costaperaria; a white cube with an extensive roof terrace and a top volume finished in wooden cladding. It is surrounded by a garden and other similar residences of its time. 

Villa Dular是一座典型的現代主義別墅,最初由建築師Costaperaria於1932年設計; 一個白色的立方體,帶有一個廣闊的屋頂露台和一個用木頭包層完成的頂部空間。 它被花園和當時其他類似的住宅所環繞。

The villa is currently inhabited by different owners on each floor. The family, who lives on the ground floor, commissioned the redevelopment on the south side of the existing building. The client has a functional disability and is restricted to a wheelchair. He lives with his wife, three children, and a dog.

該別墅目前每層由不同的業主居住。 住在底層的這家人委託對現有建築的南側進行重建。 客戶有行動障礙,只能坐在輪椅上。 他與妻子、三個孩子和一隻狗住在一起。

The task at hand was to design a new extension to the ground floor with a dining area and living space, including a covered parking for a car and a storage space for bicycles. The client requested the roof be used as a terrace for the apartment on the first floor. All floor surfaces were designed with slopes and wheelchair access in mind.

手邊的任務是設計一個新的底層延伸部分,包括用餐區和生活空間,包括一個有蓋的汽車停車場和一個自行車存放空間。 客戶要求將屋頂用作一樓公寓的露台。 所有地板表面的設計都考慮到了斜坡和輪椅通道。

The T shape extension works as an umbrella above the living space: supporting the terrace on one side and creating a parking roof on the other side. The roof over the parking and ramp is a cantilevered pergola covered with Perspex panels in a light green color. 

T 形延伸在起居空間上方發揮保護傘的作用:一側支撐露台,在另一側創造停車屋頂。 停車場和坡道上方的屋頂是一個懸臂涼棚,上面覆蓋著淺綠色的有機玻璃面板。

The connection between the existing villa and the intervention is a glass volume as part of the living space. The sides that face the garden and the entry courtyard are large panoramic glass walls with a framed sliding window in oiled oak.

現有別墅和介入措施之間的連接是作為生活空間一部分的玻璃體積。 面向花園和入口庭院的兩側是大型全景玻璃牆,帶有一扇塗油橡木鑲框推拉窗。

The cladding of the new extension is an assembly of bleached larch wood verticals in 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 cm, in a rhythm that creates a pleated texture.

新擴建部分的覆層是 2x2、3x3 或 4x4 厘米的漂白落葉松木垂直組件,其節奏營造出褶皺紋理。