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Ocal House

Jorge Ramón Giacometti Taller de Arquitectura

When we were asked to build a 110m2 house with a minimum budget, in a hard to reach a place in the Ecuadorian mountains, we thought of reducing the project to its simplest form. 


Thus, we will raise it on pilotis (so as not to break into the topography) and protect it from water falling on the slope. In addition, we would elaborate on the whole structure and the building envelope with the least amount of materials.

因此,我們將底層架空的方式建造(以免破壞地形)並保護其免受落在坡度上的水。 此外,我們將用最少的材料鋪陳整個結構和建築物封裝。

Hence, we manufactured five modular porticos that covered the different program areas. We elevated from the ground with footings and concrete piles, orienting the volume towards the predominant views.

因此,我們製造了五個覆蓋不同程序區域的模塊化門廊。 我們從地面上抬高了根基和混凝土樁,將建築體朝向主要視角。

We solved the porticos, beams and joists with eucalyptus slats; in addition to the envelope with tongue and groove staves of the same material. Finally, we placed recycled sheet metal furniture and metal profiles previously made in the workshop.

我們用桉樹板解決了門廊,橫樑和托樑。 除了帶有相同材料的銜鐵和凹槽五線排的機殼外。 最後,我們放置了以前在車間中製作的回收金屬家具和金屬輪廓。

During the whole challenge, we tried to reduce the complexity of the construction system, minimize the number of displacements, and condense the execution time in five months.


Within time, we created a complex element, closely related to its landscape.