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Carrizal Housing

PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Located south of Mexico City, Carrizal is a project that is part of the client's needs to develop eight residential houses on the same site.

Carrizal 位於墨西哥城南部,是客戶需要在同一地點開發八棟住宅的專案的一部分。

The master plan seeks to create access to homes through a common main axis.


Looking to move away from the scheme of housing attached to homes, the social part and garden of each house is worked with a lattice that allows transparency from side to side of the property.


As a result; a sense of openness between two solids and long views throughout the project.

因此; 二個建築之間有了開放感和遠景觀在這整個專案。

The program of the houses includes developing public activities on the ground floor, with connection to the private garden, on 1st level private spaces such as bedrooms and TV room and the last level with a terrace.