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Gwaneum-ri House

Architecture Studio YEIN

韓國江陵的江陵村舉行了 2018 年平昌冬季奧林匹克運動會的溜冰比賽,冠岳里以朝鮮語佛教詞 Gwaneum-bosal 的名字命名。Gwaneum-bosal 體現了所有佛祖的同情心,而當地人也相信祂在很久以前存在過。

A mountain village in Gangneung where the ice skating heats of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics are held, Gwaneum-ri was named after the Korean Buddhist term, Gwaneum-bosal, who embodies the compassion all buddahs and local people believed that she appeared a long time ago.

由於江陵地區氣候的影響,從山區到東海的干燥風讓該地區容易起火。 2017 年 5 月發生的森林大火,隨著春風從西部向江陵市區蔓延,燒毀了許多房屋和森林。其中,冠岳里的一所房屋也遭到破壞,這對夫婦和他們的女兒在分娩後康復中失去了住所,在這堆灰燼上,我們不得不蓋一棟新房子,就如同種下一棵希望的蘋果樹。

This area is vulnerable to fire due to the dry wind from the mountain to the East Sea under the influence of local climate in Gangneung. The forest fire that occurred in May 2017 spread along with the spring wind from the west to the downtown of Gangneung, damaging many houses and forests. Amongst them, a house in Gwaneum-ri was also damaged that the couple and their daughter who were recovering after childbirth lost their shelter. On this heap of ashes, we had to build a new house as if to plant an apple tree of hope.


When we first visited the site, we could scarcely tell the remnants of the original house except a little trace of ashes and the photograph of the lost little wooden house.


The lost house was originally located at the center with much area of the northern triangular space left empty so as to have a narrower yard than expected. To overcome this drawback, we planned to utilize the rear triangular space properly for the newly built house, separating the trapezoidal mass into two spaces: one for the couple and the other for guests, around the central courtyard. The triangular in-between space was designed as a space of sharing and hope with an apple tree and the level difference utilized.


All approaches to the country house for the old couple were designed as ramps for easy access, while the right-side mass to accommodate guests connects with the central garden. The roof has a sloped form towards the central garden to make a natural flow from the left-side high hill, while the right-side wall of the guest room has a minimal window that blocks the noise from the road and provides a private space.