Hill House

Snegiri Architects


One of this project’s most significant characteristics is its full integration into environment – we sufficed in keeping existing trees on construction site, and minimally noticeable building does not surpass the landscape, becoming its organic extension, by courtesy of the green roof.

Hill House 的屋頂是綠色的-上面有一張充滿生命力的“地毯”,這些植物包括景天和矮小的植物,例如野生洋甘菊。

Hill House’s roof is green literally – with a live “carpet” of plants: stonecrop and dwarf plants such as wild chamomile.


This project can undoubtedly be called a “passive house”. Terrace and most windows and rooms are oriented to the sun side, getting as much sun as possible.


Building is equipped with energy-saving windows, ventilation system with air recuperation, and is completely winterized: foundation with cold-proof Swedish plate, carcass with monolith, with cold-proof mineral wool covered with larix wood saturated in natural flax oil.


Project client is a man fond of innovations; admirer of modern technologies and gadgets, because of that project is equipped with the “smart house” system along with guarding system. Near the house there is a parking spot with Tesla car charger.


Apart from passion for modern science achievements, client also loves history, being art and vintage furniture collector, which has influenced house interior.


Project Information

Project Name: Hill House

Location: Moscow, Russia

Architect Office: Snegiri Architects

Completion Year: 2017-2019

Photographer: Nikita Kapiturov

In 2012, we decided to organize our own workshop, in the name of which we wanted to reflect Russian roots and northern character, and at the same time emphasize the laconicism and asceticism of the architectural style that is close to us. This is how a bright symbol appeared - the bullfinch bird, and the name Snegiri Architects.
Soon after the start of our joint work, we opened a workshop under the roof of one of the old houses in St. Petersburg - overlooking the Fontanka and the Ciniselli circus. Here we are now working together with our colleagues.
At Snegiri Architects, every project is treated like a child - with love and attention. There are no mediocre tasks for our team, and each project is strictly individual. And most importantly, we believe that an architectural object should not only satisfy functional needs, but also be a natural reflection of its owner, creating a harmonious union at the end.

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