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Old House in Wabi-Sabi 東海老屋侘寂之境

合風蒼飛設計工作室 & 張育睿建築師事務所



To get rid of the unnecessary, and to pursue essence of nature. However, it doesn’t mean to change its origin, make it pure and insert vitality. The peaceful atmosphere make you think deeply and bring out inner soul.

❚ 取捨態度



❚ Choice

Designer choose attitude of retain, but giving new life to design the house.

Respect the original interior design and natural view, designer make a great effort to fuse new elements into it. Open area brings in the outdoor landscape. A tactic is used to make the tone of green gradually decrease. Besides, the designer also solved the problem of strong sunlight on evening, at the same time enrich the view of patio.

❚ 自然痕跡


❚ Nature Trace

Emphasize the beauty of an old building could be remember and inherit under the respect of naturally occurred traces. Designer chooses nature materials such as stones, wood, metal and concrete maintain the atmosphere of an old house, besides, new materials was seldom be used. Other than that, designer focuses on interaction between family members. Deep balconies and plants is the main elements to regulate climate especially Taiwan’s subtropical climate, a window collocate with a beautiful view was given to all of the space, the green plants can also keep dweller’s privacy. Beauty itself doesn’t have an established standard. Under the passage of time, it combines with different elements such as space, then incarnate beauty and poetic… This is the intention of designer to design this 50-year-old house. The building itself located on the corner of community, designer hope under the trade-off between new and old, the house can assimilate into the landscape, and infect the dwellers and neighborhoods.

❚ 視覺感知


(1) 利用天花板的高層差,引導室內視覺效果向外延伸,並取代實質隔間,暗示不同空間的領域感。

(2) 以室內外木平台及櫃體的延伸,連結內外空間,讓視覺及使用行為連成一氣。

(3) 造型與素材力求樸質、極簡,降低過多裝飾物件,融入景觀自然氛圍。

❚ Visual Perception

To make a perfect integration of a 210m2, three floors height building, you have to:

(1) Take advantage of the difference height of ceiling, extend the indoor visual to substitute the substance compartment, imply a sense of different area.

(2) The extend of wooden deck and cabinet make connection between indoor and outdoor, link both visual and usage behavior.

(3) Simple modeling and raw materials, decrease the use of garnish, integrate into natural landscape.

❚ 結構催化

50 年前的磚造結構,成為建築翻新時的首要隱憂;為加強立面結構性,以 H 型鋼形塑出窗景的表情,兼具美學與力學概念,也同時成為建築本身在受到時間催化後,經得起變化的結構節點。


The 50-year-old brick structure became the main issue of this case. In order to strengthen the structure, a H-shaped steel has been used as the window frame, combine the concept of aesthetics and mechanics, it is also one of the changes can be made under the 50-year-old brick structure.

Second issue of designing this house is to convince the occupants to keep the original materials. Keeping the original wall highlights the humanistic under the passage of time, combination with the texture of trunk and color tone of maple create harmonious. The decisions had been made is impartial between the choice of new and original.