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Rumah Pepatah

DDAP Architect

DDAP Architect的設計為典型的巴厘島別墅注入了了現代風格。 Patah一詞中的Rumah Pepatah表示裂縫,其靈感來自於現有的榴蓮樹的幾何形狀。

The design from DDAP Architect offers a contemporary form to a typical Balinese villa. Rumah Pepatah from the word Patah means crack mass, inspired from the existing geometrical site form with the Durian tree to be remained.


With 320 square meter total area and 195 square meter floor area, the design creatively bridges the indoor and outdoor and achieves efficient space planning in a small area.


For climate response, all the spaces enjoy South East orientation with beautiful roof shading and assure cross air ventilation.


The gap insert inside the main building to let wind breeze through it and aims heat reduction; endorse the creation of evaporated area.


In order to minimalize carbon foot print, the design paid great attention of local material use, such as: local terracotta roof tiles, natural Balinese stone for cladding, and locally sourced natural bengkirai from local wood factory in Ubud. This intention was translated by creating a space with multiple impressions of contextual experienced.


A beautiful rice field surrounding the site performs a magisterial gesture towards the design and can be perceived at second floor long terrace. By sitting on cozy couch, enjoy the breeze of wind, the finished space enables relaxed with the new tropical Balinese feel.