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The Wooden Villa

Nicolas Dahan

“在松樹林中生活和活動的空間”。法國建築師 Nicolas Dahan 擁有這座 250 平方米的家庭住宅,標誌著一個通透的避風港,其內部環境優美,採用專業的木材工程技術無縫建造。地板和天花板互為尺寸,分解了所有層次概念。視線在松樹和內部視角之間滑動,腳從外面溫暖的沙子輕鬆地遊蕩到室內柔軟的奧庫姆木地板上。

“A space to live and move within the pine forest”. With this this 250m2 family home, the French architect Nicolas Dahan signs a see-through haven inviting the beauty of its surrounding environment inside, which is seamlessly built using expert wood engineering techniques. The floor and the ceiling mirror each other’s dimensions, breaking down all notions of hierarchy. Eyesight glides between pine trees and interior perspectives, feet wander with ease from the warm sand outside onto the supple okoume wood flooring indoors.

“進入松樹林就是進入房屋。該站點本身是體系結構不可或缺的部分。松樹和橡樹為大風提供了庇護。海洋雖然看不見,卻是如此之近,以至於衝浪的聲音在一天中蕩漾。大自然貫穿臥室和客廳。這座房屋建在空氣流通的地方。重新定義門檻的概念時,建築師還沒有創建傳統的正門。要進入房屋,您需要進入 130 平方米的居住空間或進入 4000 平方米的松樹林中的 5 個房間之一。

To enter the pine forest is to enter the house. The site itself is integral to the architecture. The pine and oak trees provide shelter from strong winds. The ocean, though not visible, is so close that the sound of the surf rhythms the day. Nature runs through the bedrooms and the living room. The house is built where the air flows”, describes Nicolas Dahan. Redefining the idea of the threshold, the architect hasn’t created a traditional front entrance. To enter the house you stride right into the 130m2 living space or into one of the 5 rooms sitting on the 4000m2 pine forest.

屋頂由 136 個落葉松沉箱組成,地板由 136 個奧古梅木板製成,完美的對稱性使該建築三明治對齊。該空間的主要靈感來自單層的美國別墅,地板和天花板需要約翰·勞特納(John Lautner)對開放式建築的願景所開發的工程技術。

The roof is comprised of 136 larch caissons, the floor is made of 136 okoume wood panels, perfect symmetry aligns this architectural sandwich. The main inspiration for the space stems from the single-story American villa, and the floor and the ceiling require engineering skills developed by John Lautner’s vision for open architecture.

“我們必須在現場安裝一個倉庫來掩蓋建築,建造屋頂所需的精度水平不允許任何濕度。落葉松被打磨以獲得通常用於家具的表面處理。沒有螺絲,也沒有明顯的釘子。陰影接縫的使用在房屋內部和外部都提供了獨特的流動感。中央 16m 長的橫梁值得在體育館使用,但其表面處理方式使其成為家庭空間的一部分。”尼古拉斯·達漢(Nicolas Dahan)解釋說。

“We had to install a depot on-site to shelter the construction, the level of precision required to build the roof did not allow for any humidity. The larch has been sanded down to acquire a finish usually reserved to furniture. There are no screws and no apparent nails. The use of shadow joints offers a unique sense of fluidity both inside and outside of the house. The central 16m long beam is worthy of a gymnasium, yet its finishes are done in such a way that it becomes part the domestic space.” explains Nicolas Dahan.

捕捉光是一種奢侈。“滑動玻璃門的標準高度為 2.20m,在這裡它們的高度超過 3 公尺。這是奢侈的標誌。我們在雜誌上看到的巴西別墅所提供的魔力,是依靠大規模製造來測量玻璃表面。世界上只有 5 個承包商能夠提供如此大的玻璃,能夠輕盈地滑行。未經培養的人看不見的結果是獨特的。一整天,松樹林的陰影投射到內部木質表面上,並以不同程度的強度陪伴著居民。臥室和客廳充分利用了北,東,南和西四個基本方向。

Catching the light is a luxury “The standard height for sliding glass doors is 2,20m, here they reach beyond 3 meters high. This is a sign of luxury. The magic offered by Brazilian villas that we see in magazines, relies on large-scale made to measure glass surfaces. Only 5 contractors in the world are able to offer such large volumes of glass, capable of the lightness of gliding. The result, invisible to the uncultured eye, is unique. The shadows of the pine forest, projected onto the interior wooden surfaces, accompany the inhabitants with different degrees of intensity all throughout the day. The bedrooms and living room make the most of all four cardinal directions, north, east, south and west.