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A house built for a garden.

Through a slowly developing dark ramp, a young Jacaranda tree bathes in sunlight. Bamboo and ferns disguise the boundaries of the plot, and in it, a continuous concrete core is born in the foundations and rises three levels. Floating slabs wrapped in glass extend from the core. Spaces open and merge with the gardens that surround them, blurring the line between interior and exterior.


A house where every detail was designed. A residence that ages with dignity like the weeping willow that rests by the water, embracing the passage of time.


The path to the ground level floor begins the process of entering an urban house amongst nature. The ground floor allocates the public program of the residence. It opens completely and brings the garden into the library, the living room, and the kitchen. A continuous slab with no interruptions except for one. A concrete core that pierces upwards and grows through the levels above. The two upper floors are bedrooms that peek out to the treetops. The roof carries a garden that serves as an observatory and contemplative area partly shaded by a wooden pergola. When seen from above, the dwelling is perceived as an uninterrupted vegetated plot that stands out from its urban context.


A house that constantly reveals how it was built by letting the structure and the installations remain visible. The core is the house itself. It contains all the installations, the stairs and the most intimate areas of the house.

其餘的室內空間是玻璃包圍的露台,這些露台從中心浮出水面。這些平台是從垂直結構延伸的 9x14 m 平板,允許具有雙軸懸臂的連續水平面。所有框架均由原鋼和玻璃製成。這些元素每88厘米重複一次,從而產生節奏感,使空間具有垂直感。同時,這使房屋更加靈活,允許用戶局部控制其孔隙率。

The rest of the indoor spaces are glass surrounded terraces that emerge and float from the core. These terraces are 9x14 m slabs that extend from the vertical structure allowing continuous horizontal planes with double axis cantilevers. All frames are made from raw steel and glass. These elements repeat every 88 cm generating a rhythm that gives a sense of verticality to the space. Simultaneously, this makes the house more flexible allowing the user to locally control its porosity.

重新定義豪華理念的房屋。在 21 世紀的城市中,奢侈品意味著可以享受寧靜,被植被圍繞的環境,並在緊湊而高效的空間中感受到巨大的力量,從而可以欣賞大自然。陽光照耀著從茉莉葉喝水的蜂鳥,茉莉花的香氣隨著微風進入客廳。同時,流水的聲音。在急速的城市中的一個括號。

A house that redefines the idea of luxury. Luxury in 21st century cities means having access to tranquility, to a vegetated landscape, and feeling greatness in compact and efficient spaces that open long views towards nature. Sunlight shines on a hummingbird that is drinking from a jasmine leaf whose scent enters with the breeze into the living room. Simultaneously, the sound of moving water. A parenthesis in a rushing city.