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This house is a block in a row house in the expensive New Urban area, but now seem to be neglected after the economic crisis in Vietnam.Within the regulation, the slope roof is a must when doing renovation…We want this place to be reborn, with a new form (full of energy, romantic, peaceful with an awareness of security).


The old house structured is clustered and complicated, so we only add one floor and one mezzanine.The advantage of the place is the space at the front and the back of the house, with more nature approaching like garden.

舊房子的結構是群集且複雜的,所以 我們只增加一層和一層夾層。 這個地方的優點是房屋的正面和背面都有空間,更多的自然風光像花園一樣。

We decided to add a kitchen block at the back with the roof as the terrace for the master bedroom on the 2nd floor.


The old balconies at both end of the house are skinned with ventilation brick block, Inside this skin is the green space for rain, wind and sunlight to shine through. This in a way can be seen as a cocoon, where we still have access to nature but also appreciated the security factor.

房屋兩端的舊陽台都用通風磚砌成外皮,裡面是綠色的空間,雨,風和陽光都可以照到。 從某種意義上講,這可以看作是繭,在這裡我們仍然可以接觸大自然,但安全性也有顧及。