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This 5 bedrooms’ home is standing in an 800 sqm land using all the land to be lived. The design follows the way of living of its family where public and private spaces were the most important part they asked.

這5間臥室的房屋坐落在800平方米的土地上,佔用了所有待居住的土地。 設計遵循其家庭的生活方式,公共和私人空間是他們要求的最重要的部分。

The house is divided in 3 buildings following a path from the public space until the private one. The first building holds the very public space, entrance, parking, guest room and TV room.

從公共空間到私人空間,房子分為3棟建築。 第一棟建築擁有非常公共的空間,入口,停車場,客房和電視室。

Between this one and the second building the pool and a big garden give more privacy to the semi-public space where we find the living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry and maid room. Crossing this area, a second garden allows total privacy to the third building where the 3 other main bedrooms are.

在第一棟和第二棟建築之間,游泳池和一個大花園為半公共空間提供了更大的私密性,其中有客廳,餐廳,廚房,洗衣房和女僕房。 穿過這個區域,第二個花園可讓您在其他三間主要臥室所在的第三棟建築物中完全私密。

The materials used on the house are mostly patterned concrete, wood and the vegetation and landscape as a third one. This combination makes the concrete more natural playing along with all the green and wood besides it. The concrete boxes disappear through the vegetation and landscape.

房屋上使用的材料大部分是混凝土,木材以及植被和景觀作為第三種材料。 這種結合使混凝土以及除其以外的所有綠色和木材都變得更加自然。 混凝土箱在植被和景觀中消失了。