Daluz Gonzalez Architekten

The residential building on the right side of Zurich Lake stands out particularly due to its exposed location and its special spatial concept. The villa rises above the steeply sloping edge of the terrain with two bodies that have been shifted to each other, and at the same time merged together. The house contrasts the idyllic surroundings with straight lines and forms.


While from the lakeside the panorama windows of the southwest facade stand out, towards the street, the house is rather introverted with its closed shell of lightly pigmented concrete.


In the interior of Casa Mi generously proportioned staircases connect wide open spaces. That is how the distant picturesque Alpine landscape can be observed from almost every angle. Each area of the house reveals a new perspective towards the Zürich lake while allowing maximum privacy. The open design of the interiors allows to integrate the surrounding nature. Due to its location on the edge of the property, the outdoor pool seems to be an extension of the lake.

在Casa Mi內部,寬敞的比例樓梯連接了廣闊的空間。這就是從幾乎每個角度都可以觀察到風景如畫的高山景觀的方式。房屋的每個區域都展現了對蘇黎世湖的新視角,同時提供了最大的私密性。開放式的室內設計可以融合周圍的自然風光。由於其位於飯店邊緣,室外游泳池就像是湖的延伸。

The interior was designed in such a way that the rooms flow dynamically into each other and make the total depth of 23 meters tangible. Although the levels differ clearly in their functions, the areas merge with each other.


The garden on the southeastern side of the villa is meant for moments in company. The displacement of the two buildings creates a roofed outdoor space next to a seating area recessed in the ground. The pool is docked to the house and placed parallel to the ridge. The garden plot on the opposite side of the house is dedicated to retreat.


Casa Mi is a composition of compact volumes with a split-level in order to minimize the height, so the lake Zurich is still visible from properties behind it. That makes the house also beneficial for the surrounding neighbours.

One might think a spaceship has landed on the shore of Zurich Lake.

Casa Mi是緊湊型建築的組成部分,具有分層的結構,以使高度最小化,後面的建築物中仍然可以看到蘇黎世湖。這使得房子對周圍的鄰居也有利。



Project Information

Project Name: CASA MI

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Architect Office: Daluz Gonzalez Architekten

Area: 680m²

Completion Year:2018

Photographer: Valentin Jeck

Daluz González Architekten is an architecture studio based in Zürich and renown for the peculiar layouts and shapes of its projects. Founded in 2007 by Spanish born architects Rubén Daluz and Juan González, it has received several important awards such as Best Architects 17 and Best Architects 19. 

Rubén Daluz, Juan González and their team have developed a creative method based on the simultaneous processing of different ideas.All possible influencing factors are analysed and visualised in order to identify potential solutions, trying to cover the largest number of possibilities by using different and often opposite design strategies. As a collective of architects, inspirations, tastes and interests can be similar or even quite different: this complexity feeds creativity, and every input is discussed without prejudice. 

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