Casa CVC

Estudio MMX

The CVC House is generated from the articulation of the garden´s exterior spaces, terraces and the central patio with the spaces that were required by the client, as a way to generate a dialogue between the built space and the open space.


In addition to a sequence of open spaces with varying degrees of intimacy, that allow to pass gradually from the large space of the street to the green space at the back of the plot.


Inside a 3x3x3 grid, 10 volumes are distributed around a central patio. This way, the project intertwines two units that can be inhabited independently.


A compact program within a porous massing, allows the interior spaces to have optimal conditions of sunlight and views without compromising the privacy of its occupants and without reducing the open areas (patios and gardens of the house).


The use of red pigmented concrete as a structural and finishes system and allows to generate pergolas, slabs, beams and homogeneous walls, that emphasizes the integral nature of the project.



Project Information

Project Name: Casa CVC

Location: Coyoacán, Ciudad de México

Architect Office: Estudio MMX

Completion Year:2018

Photographer: Rafael Gamo

Established in 2010, Estudio MMX is a collaborative practice focused on design processes for projects on diverse scales. Founded by Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio del Río, Emmanuel Ramírez and Diego Ricalde, the studio prioritizes participation, and its work—a synthesis of the team’s structure—promotes the consolidation of its experience through a collective dynamic. 
Open to all scales of urban designs, Estudio MMX works on proposals that range from installation designs to architectural and urbanism developments, approaching each new project as a unique challenge posed by the particular physical, economic, political and social context.

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