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Villa San Matteo

PALY architects

Leaning on the rock of the mountain, adapted to the landscape and built with natural materials, this residence has an elongated shape, protected from the north and views onto the sea on the south. The project succeeds adapting the building in the environment, use of local materials, exploitation of the view and protection from the weather conditions.

這座住宅採用自然材料建造,依山而建,與自然景觀相得益彰,具有細長的形狀,不受北方的保護,而可以欣賞到南方的大海。 該項目成功地使建築適應了環境,使用了當地材料,拓展了視野並不受天氣影響。

Vacation residence in Crete, on Livadia, 1-hour road from Chania. The plot is near a ridge (Cape Koutoulas) on rocky ground and wild landscape. North is to the ridge, views and sea to the south and southwest. Big natural rocks project to the west and the mainland with olive trees, small hills and sloppy grounds on the east. Two clean volumes, one with the living room, kitchen, dining room and one with the bedrooms, connected via a protected cross-bright semi-outdoor living space on the north-south direction, starting from the rock, ending on a raised platform suspended between mountain and sea, sky and earth. A long water element, created alongside the residence’s main spaces, also being the boundary to the steep slope, the view, the sea. The synthesis complete pergolas and shutters from metal and wood.

度假屋位於Livadia的Crete,距Chania僅1小時路程。 該地塊靠近多岩石的土地和野生景觀上的山脊(開普圖拉斯角)。 北部是山脊,南面和西南面是風景和大海。 大型天然岩石向西部和大陸突出,東部有橄欖樹,小山和鬆軟的地面。 兩塊整潔的空間,一個帶有起居室,廚房,飯廳,另一個帶有臥室,通過受保護的,跨南北向的,跨光亮的半戶外生活空間相連,從岩石開始,在一個懸空的升高平台上結束 在山與海,天與地之間。 在住宅的主要空間旁邊創造了一條長長的水域,也是陡峭的山坡,風景和大海的邊界。 合成完成了由金屬和木材製成的涼棚和百葉窗。

The challenge was adapting the building on the environment, with a non-provocative way and creating the smallest possible “wound” on the mountain. The synthesis consists of a one storey elongated rectangular parallelepiped hugged by a shape Γ stonewall on the north and west, with big openings, a water element and outdoor living spaces to the south. The stonewall-boundary of the mountain, that continuous onto the flat roof in a continuation of the natural ground. Basic synthetic element, the intermediate space between indoor-outdoor spaces, “the shelter”. Big sliding windows on the living room unify indoor and outdoor space creating a big covered with pergola living space, which unify with the semi-outdoor space.


The biggest problem of the construction was the long distance from the material supply spots and the rugged area. Access until the entrance, privacy with independent rooms with bathrooms, shading and protecting from the sun and wind alongside with the view, possibility of preparing a meal inside and outside, the long water element for sport swimming, complete privacy, peace and redefinition of the human-nature relationship were the issues of the strategy.


It is a conventional construction from reinforced concrete, brick walls and local stone, internal walls from cement board. Internal and external flooring from big size tiles with stone texture on the environments earthy colour. The flat roofs are from visible uncoated concrete and the rest external flooring from local stone. Pergolas made from metal on the colour of rust, with irregular chestnut logs on top. Light dividers from wicker. All the external surfaces made from Kourasani (mortar) with straw on the rocky environment colour.