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House in Tlayacapan


The project’s beginnings lie in the clients’ inheritance of a number of polyester structures recovered from a modular house where they spent their weekends in the 1970s.


The structure of the experimental house—designed by the visionary Mexican architect Juan José Díaz Infante as part of his Kalikosmia project—used six shells that could be assembled in a variety of configurations.

實驗房屋的結構由有遠見的墨西哥建築師Juan José DíazInfante設計,是他的Kalikosmia項目的一部分,它使用了六個可以以各種配置組裝的殼體。

These shells were made of polystyrene foam covered on both faces with fiberglass, like a surfboard: a nucleus of light foam with a rigid exterior surface.


The owners bought a new plot of land one hour from Mexico City in order to house these six parabolic modules and asked us reassemble and recycle these fiberglass shapes.


A concrete plinth was used to raise the fiberglass structure a meter above the ground level in order to create more generous indoor spaces.


The simple geometry of the additional elements together with the texture of the exposed concrete used for both interiors and exteriors provides a strong contrast with the smooth surfaces of the restored modules.