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Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates

Located near the crossroad in the center of Hue city, Tiam was renovated from an 18-year-old house, which was in really bad condition. With gross built area of only 35 m2, this is the living space for a three-generation family of seven members.

Tiam位於順化市中心的十字路口附近,是由一棟18年歷史的房屋翻新而成,當時房屋狀況非常惡劣。 建築總面積只有35平方米,是三代七口之家的生活空間。

Spending time talking and understanding the essential needs of the owner, we design Tiam in a way to give better standard of living along with valuable experiences for each and all members in the house. It has three floors, one attic, balcony and terrace. The first floor is for the cafe, which is run by the owner, and the rest of the building is for living.

花時間討論和理解業主的基本需求,我們設計Tiam的方式是為房屋中的每個成員提供更好的生活水平以及寶貴的經驗。 它有三層,一個閣樓,陽台和露台。 一樓是由業主經營的咖啡廳,其餘部分則用於生活。

The vertical louvers and glass wall covering the house is like a vague partition between “in and out”, bring people inside the house closer to nature and to other people in the streets. The louvers not only help reducing heat radiation but also create light effect and geometrical rhythm, which enhance people’s feelings everytime watching, both from inside and outside.

垂直百葉窗和覆蓋房屋的玻璃牆就像“進出”之間的模糊分隔,使房屋內的人更接近自然,也更接近街道上的其他人。 百葉窗不僅有助於減少熱量的輻射,而且還可以產生燈光效果和幾何韻律,從而每次在內外觀看時都能增強人們的感覺。

The effective solution for such limited built area is to design the interior as minimal as possible, and to create continuous and open spaces. We create functional zones and place objects in order to bring members in family closer to each other, but still be able to have their private spaces if necessary. The old and ineffective spiral staircase has been replaced by the straight one, which helps optimize spaces and achieve better circulation. Furniture in the house mostly made of bamboo, which is a sustainable and environment-friendly material. It owns some outstanding characteristics that are suitable for using in extreme climate in Hue.

對於這種有限的建築面積,有效的解決方案是將內部設計得盡可能小,並創建連續的開放空間。 我們創建功能區並放置對象,以使家庭中的成員彼此之間更近,但在必要時仍能夠擁有其私人空間。 原來無效的螺旋樓梯已被直的樓梯代替,這有助於優化空間並實現更好的流通。 房屋中的家具大部分是用竹子製成的,這是一種可持續的,環保的材料。 它具有一些出色的特性,適合在順化的極端氣候中使用。

The cafe on first floor was designed with the same elements and materials like the rest of the house. Long curved tables, slim and transparent chairs placing in such a minimal and monochrom space make all other colorful objects noticeable. Moreover, the appearance of people drinking and chatting in the cafe make it a lively and beautiful scene.

一樓的咖啡廳採用與房屋其他部分相同的元素和材料進行設計。 彎曲的長桌,纖細而透明的椅子放置在最小的單色空間中,使所有其他彩色物體引人注目。 此外,人們在咖啡館裡喝酒聊天的樣子使它成為一個活潑美麗的場景。

Plant pots of different sizes are found in every corner of the building. Plant pots on the louvers, balcony, terrace and inside the house create calm and pleasant atmosphere. Although Tiam is located near a crowded crossroad, all family members still feel close to nature and have such a peaceful living space.

在建築物的每個角落都可以找到大小不一的花盆。 百葉窗,陽台,露台和房屋內部的花盆營造出寧靜宜人的氛圍。 儘管Tiam位於擁擠的十字路口附近,但所有家庭成員仍然感覺親近大自然,並擁有如此寧靜的生活空間。