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SR-1 House

SPNG Architects

SR-1 house is located on a site of 37m2, directly facing the west sunlight, surrounded by arid land, lacking urban greenery and mostly filled with typical tube houses of Ho Chi Minh City, with little or almost no gardens, is usually completed with concrete or corrugated iron roofs.

SR - 1 房子位於一個 37 平方米的場地,直接面西向陽光,被乾燥的土地包圍,缺乏城市綠化,是胡志明市中大多典型的長條型房,很少或幾乎沒有花園,通常用混凝土或波紋鐵屋頂施工完成。

The clients are people working in the field of arts, who love the natural atmosphere, trees and animals. They want to build a 4-storey house to meet the needs of life and future jobs.

We set the goal of the project to have 3 main values: tranquility, kind behavior with the neighborhood context and closer connection between people and nature.


Based on that memory, the design opens up views from common living spaces such as living room, dining room, drawing space.


On the other hand, the separation in interior space is limited by minimizing solid brick walls, favoring the use of glass walls and continuous space. As such, people can gather easily and they will feel as close and familiar as their childhood home.


Responding to the context of the site, one of the main solutions for the architecture of the house is the installation of a potted plant system hanging on the façade. The system not only prevents harsh sunlight in the afternoon, but also limits the view from outside to inside the house. Therefore, the interior space becomes quieter, more private and cool. This façade provides a cool stream of steam and oxygen to not only the homeowner but also to everyone around them. The canopy makes the house look as simple as a green wall, making the neighborhood look more friendly. From here, we hope this little piece of green will help connect people closer to nature.


The space of the house, after completed, is green and tranquility. It is an environment that helps people return to their inner selves to restore and develop a peaceful and wealthy mind. It is a must-have in a crowded tropical city, with extreme temperatures, heavy traffic and alarming air and noise pollution.