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Tetra Pod

Stilt Studios

The Tetra Pod is a 64sqm home with all living amenities elevated 40cm off the ground, built from wood, steel, glass and recycled materials. The architecture seeks to blend into its surroundings by making use of the recycled materials' reflective characteristics, while strategically placed openings carefully frame view corridors. The diagonally oriented floor plan creates exciting spaces that exude outward into the exterior. The balanced compromise of open facades and the use of space make this small home elegant and spacious. The contemporary design of the sloping roof channels rainwater through the designed structural system which is then stored for further use like watering the surrounding garden.

Tetra Pod 是一個 64 平方公尺的住宅,所有生活設施均位於離地面 40 公分的地方,由木材、鋼鐵、玻璃和回收材料製成。該建築旨在利用回收材料的反光特性融入周圍環境,同時策略性地放置開口,仔細設置視圖走廊。面向對角線的平面圖創造了令人興奮的空間,向外散發。開放式外牆的平衡妥協和空間的利用使這個小屋優雅和寬敞。傾斜屋頂的現代設計通過設計結構輸送雨水,然後儲存起來以進一步使用,如為周圍的花園澆水

Through openings that are closely put under the canopy, the building seeks to empower passive cooling. In only 64m2 you will find a comfortable bedroom, ensuite bathroom, open kitchen, and living room as well as some outdoor terraces. Nine point foundations lift the Tetra Pod 40cm above the ground, offering a perfect sitting height on the porch. The large facade panels can be opened to provide a cross-ventilation, making the space completely open. Layers of curtains make the house more private. It also introduces a customized furniture system for a cozy dining and living space.

通過緊貼在樹冠下的開口,該建築尋求增加被動式的降溫。在只有64平方公尺,你會發現一個舒適的臥室,套房浴室,開放式廚房,客廳以及一些戶外露臺。九點式地基將Tetra Pod架高離地面40公分,在門廊上提供完美的坐姿高度。大型立面面板可打開提供互相通風,使空間完全開放。層層窗簾使房子更加私密。它還引入了定製系統傢俱,提供舒適的用餐和起居空間。

The prototype of the Tetra Pod is part of the second development by Stilt Studios in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia, a property development that challenges the perspective of the guests as well as one of the creators on multiple levels. How much space do we actually need to still feel comfortable? How does it feel to live between the trees and being closer to nature again? Let’s try to leave behind status and habits...

Tetra Pod 的原型是 Stilt 工作室在印尼巴厘島烏魯瓦圖的第二次開發的一部分,該房地產開發挑戰了客人以及多個層面的創作者之一的觀點。我們到底需要多少空間才能感到舒適?生活在樹間,再次更接近大自然,感覺如何?讓我們試著拋開地位和習慣...

The construction time took only 8 weeks as most elements are prefabricated. Building prefabricated means that the majority of the building parts are constructed off-site in industrial workshops saving on building time, cutting waste and improving the quality of work and costs due to economies of scale.

施工時間僅用了 8 周,因為大多數材料都是預先製作的。預先製作的建築意味著大部分建築部件是在工業車間的異地建造,因為規模經濟從而節省了建築時間,減少了浪費,提高了工作品質和成本。

“It's a great motivation for the team and myself to work on designs that we can make available for construction to a worldwide audience at an affordable price.” - says Alexis Dornier. “We feel that especially in times like Corona many people are looking for alternative living spaces - Tetra Pod can be used as a full-on studio to live in, multiple units could turn into a hotel or resort, it offers some extra space as a tiny house in your garden, could function as a working space, yoga pavilion, etc.”

亞歷克西斯·多尼爾說:「對於團隊和我本人來說,這是一個很大的動力,可以設計出我們能夠以實惠的價格提供給全球觀眾的設計。"我們覺得,特別是在像科羅納這樣的時代,很多人都在尋找另類的生活空間 - Tetra Pod 可以當作全套工作室居住,多個單位可以變成酒店或度假村,它提供了一些額外的空間,在你的花園裡可能可以有一間小房子,作為一個工作空間,瑜伽館等。

We are excited to see our first unit being built around the world and therefore being part of a new and innovative way for housing - treading lightly on earth.

我們很高興看到我們全球第一個單元已經建造,並成為一個全新的創意居住方式的一部分 - 輕輕踩在地球上