House with grapevine trellises

Takashi Okuno & Associates

A home with space for living and for pastimes together in one.


The grapevines bud and bloom, bear fruit and drop their leaves.

Enjoy the pastime of grape-growing close at hand and experience the seasonal changes the vines go through along with them.


Bask in the pleasant shade, let the murmuring of the leaves tell of the breeze, have your fill of the fruits with their condensed sweetness, and feel the warmth of the sunlight when the leaves fall.


Beneath the trellises is a half-outdoor space enclosed with a roll-up screen.This design permits the breeze to flow through while keeping insects away, allowing you to spend your days in comfort.


To offer thermal insulation and air sealing, which can be said to be the fundamental elements defining the soundness of a structure, air conditioning installed atop the vaulted ceilings for summer months and beneath the floors for winter ensures an environment of stable indoor temperature.


Beneath the globules of gleaming light is the core space in the home for family members to gather.



Project Information

Project Name: House with grapevine trellises

Location: Ehime,JAPAN

Architect Office: Takashi Okuno & Associates

Lead Architect:Takashi Okuno

Completion Year: 2019


Photographer:Hirokazu Fujimura

From Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

Studied architectural design under Boo-Woong Kim in Tokyo (DESIGN OFFICE opposition).

Back in Ehime, undertook the design of residential homes, a sushi restaurant, a hospital, and a Japanese inn at Atelier A&A.

Touched by the beauty of Sukiya style architecture (a type of tea house that embraces the beauty of rustic simplicity), began learning the art of tea ceremony.

Established Takashi Okuno & Associatesin February 2012.

Focuses activities in Shikoku, known as Japan’s Buddhist holy land, and specializes in wooden architecture with a calm atmosphere called Gendai Wafū (Modern Japanese-style Architecture).

Aside from professional work, continues to travel the world sketching measured drawings of guestrooms.


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